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9 Ways to Deter Thieves This Festival Season

Pickpocket stealing a mans wallet

Massives such as EDC, Electric Forest, Middlelands, and Ultra bring in tens of thousands of people every day. Sadly some of those people are not as honest as you or me. Every year thousands of festival goers are victims to thieves. Many of those stolen phones, wallets, and other valuables can be easily avoided.

Use these 9 simple tips to keep your things safe this season:

  1. Fanny pack – It might not be the most stylish thing to wear, but there is nothing simpler to protect your stuff. It has pockets large enough to hold your iPhone 7 and all your rave essentials. It keeps everything zipped up which makes it harder for someone to pickpocket you. iHeartRaves has a great selection for any raver.
  1. Don’t take more than you need ­– If you don’t need it, then don’t take it. Don’t take anything that you are not willing to lose. Only take the amount of cash that you need for the night, and leave the rest at home/hotel.
  1. Leave your wallet – Guys there’s no need to lug that giant, heavy, pain in the butt wallet everywhere. Grab your ID, some cash, and maybe one card. That’s all you’re going to need for the night.
  1. Hide your cash/cards – If you didn’t already take tip #1 and use a fanny pack, then hide your valuables. Some people will stash their cash and cards in the back side of their phone cases. This could be dangerous though because if you lose your phone, you lose everything. There are many products on the market from bandannas to hats that offer stash pockets. One good place to store your cash is in your shoe, if you don’t have any good stash pockets.
  1. Tie your zipper pulls together – Why make it easy for them? Tying your zipper pulls together on your hydration pack will make it that much harder for anyone trying to get in your bag. I personally use key rings and carabiners for all my zipper pulls. It allows me to clip all my zippers together real quick, but it confuses most robbers.
  1. Know where your phone is – Your phone is your lifeline. It’s how we get in contact with our friends at the end of the night when we get lost. Let’s face most of us don’t have a single number memorized, and losing our phone means no way to call anybody. Use a good phone case with a belt clip like the Otterbox Defender case, and clip it to the front of your body.
  1. Lock up your tent – We recommend that you get a TSA approved lock to lock up your tent zippers. They have three number combinations that are easy to remember. The other advantage of the TSA locks is that they’re always on your luggage, so you never forget them.
  1. Stay with a group – Thieves target people who are by themselves or in small groups of two or three. Staying with a larger group where more people are watching out for you and have your back, deters many would-be thieves. Even if you have to start up a conversation with the person or group next to you in the crowd. It’s the rave scene, most everyone will welcome you with open arms. It’s a great way to stay safe and to connect with new people.
  1. Make friends with your neighbors – This one kind of goes along with #8, but making friends with your camping neighbors can help keep thieves out. You can’t always be at your campsite 24/7. That is why I introduce myself and everyone in my campsite to all of my surrounding neighbors and their neighbors the first day. That way everyone around me knows who IS, and who is NOT, supposed to be there. Most of the time someone will say something if they see a stranger in your camp.

Anyone can fall victim to these unPLURR people. Just last month at Ultra someone stole my cash the third day (only $40 thankfully). While at Escape 2015 someone cut my Camelbak open to steal my phone and money after not finding anything else in my pockets. Best to always be prepared in case it does happen. My mother always taught me to travel with a $100 bill in the sole of my shoe for emergency cash. If all else fails I can always get a taxi back to my hotel.

My rave mother taught me to always have at least one kandi with a friend’s number on it that you can call in case you lose your phone. Use these tips to always be prepared so you can enjoy your night knowing that you and your valuables are safe.

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