Above & Beyond Celebrate 10th Anniversary Of ‘Sun & Moon’

Above & Beyond are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their iconic track, ‘Sun & Moon.’

It’s been 10 years since Above & Beyond released their first single from their iconic album ‘Group Therapy, which released in June of 2011. Many argue that ‘Sun & Moon’ is Above & Beyond’s most classic tune to date, combining both their unique sound and production capabilities with the beautiful vocals of Richard Bedford. The track was first played out in September of 2010 at none other than Electric Zoo in New York. Since the track first premiered, it has become one of the most popular and most important songs for any Above & Beyond performance. Whenever the track is played live, fans are able to come to the stage with the electronic group to push the button, thus setting off the track. This tradition is why ‘Sun & Moon’ is so iconic to both Above & Beyond and to their fans.

Since the track was first released, it has developed into one of the most beloved Above & Beyond tracks to date. Whenever this iconic track is played live, expect it to be sung by thousands of fans in unison. Despite the track being 10 years old, it would seem as though it was produced just yesterday given the continuous love and support from fans every time it is played.

Listen to Above & Beyond’sSun & Moon‘ below.

Feature Photo – Rukes

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