Artist Spotlight: Maggie Szabo Takes on EDM

Maggie Szabo is no stranger to the music industry, and she has made a name for herself in a big way. On Spotify alone, she already has over twenty million streams, six million listeners and has been featured by Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada, Best New Pop, Pop All Day, Pop Brandneu, and many more. But Spotify does not even begin to contain the metrics this incredible woman has achieved. Her art has been showcased on networks such as Netflix, Disney, ABC, E!, Hallmark, TV Land, and NBC and she has been recognized on the Top 40 Billboard charts. Her success in the pop scene has been insane, but she isn’t stopping there. 

While she has just started producing, she has already made quite a name for herself in the dance music scene. She is known and loved by many DJs for her moving vocals and songwriting techniques. She has worked with artists such as Cedric Gervais, Ryan Riback,  and JØRD, along with being showcased by giants in the industry. Most notably, her release with JØRD was chosen by Tiësto for his CLUBLIFE  Spotify playlist.

While the support from men in the industry is always useful, Maggie’s success is not defined by any man. In a study from the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 Chart, it was found that when it comes to credited songwriters, only 12.6 percent are women. Facts like this, and the staggering lack of female producers, can seem daunting. However, instead, Maggie embraces the challenge and continuously comes out on top. By building her brand, constantly producing high-profile songs, and never slowing down, she has more than earned her place as a 2021 artist to watch.

Now, Maggie has decided to broaden her work even larger and has entered the realm of self-producing. Today marks the release of her first single that is completely written, sang, and produced by herself. Her single is a combination of powerful vocals and beats that move your body and soul. We can all expect to be hearing her song at clubs, festivals, and on repeat in our own homes. It seems unbelievable that someone could dominate in so many areas of music, but Maggie more than proves that thought wrong. But don’t just take our word for it, listen for yourself.

One of the most impressive qualities about Maggie is that she is not your average pop-princess. While her success has come from her energetic presence and catchy vocals, she pushes her music further than the boundaries the pop category has set. Maggies uses her strong social media presence and attention in the industry to shed light on socially unjust topics, giving a voice to those who do not always have one. Her song, ‘Don’t Give Up’ is a gorgeous power ballad dedicated to transgender youth around the world. The song is an absolutely heartwarming ode to addressing the fear and pain that can come from silencing the voices of the transgender community. Not only does she use her work to help give them a voice, but she also goes further and donates the proceeds from the song to aid in empowering the homeless LGBTQ+ community.

It is only fitting that her single was released during Women’s History Month. Maggie understands the power that having a platform like hers provides and never misses an opportunity to use it. To Maggie, her brand and uplifting women are synonymous. She is not just dedicated to her own success, but she is determined to revolutionize the industry along the way. We are so proud and beyond excited to see Maggie exploring her creativity and passion in the dance music community. After one song, we are already hooked. So keep them coming, Maggie, we can’t wait for what comes next!

Featured photo by Maggie Szabo

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