Domestic Airfare Down 29%, The Best Time To Book Holiday Travel Is Quickly Approaching

Experts say that domestic airfare for fall travel is down 29% from the summer, and the best time to book holiday travel is quickly approaching.

In an interview with ABC News, Hopper economist Haley Berg explained, “That’s about $87 per ticket less expensive than trips taken in June, July, August – the peak summer months.”

Berg attributes the price drop to seasonal changes and an international travel boom this past summer.

“This is the first full summer where folks could head to Europe, Asia with no visa requirements that are abnormal, no COVID-related testing requirements,” she told ABC. “So many travelers who had been staying domestic last year and in the years prior now had new options to go international.”

Experts like Berg suspect that the ideal time to book holiday air travel is just a few weeks away. 

In the ABC report, Berg encouraged travelers to monitor prices now and “expect to book in the next four to six weeks.” She added that prices will be lowest between roughly September 15 and October 15.

According to Berg, booking travel for the beginning of next year will be even cheaper. 

“If you have one of those tighter budgets, you’re thinking about travel, book something now or keep January in mind. January is absolutely the cheapest month of the year to take a trip,” she said.

According to Forbes, average ticket prices for specific destinations like Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles are down 20 percent. Ticket prices for flights to Seattle have dropped by 25 percent and international flight costs have gone down by as much as 40 percent.

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