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Esseks Releases A Moving Music Video To His New Single, “This Will All Be Over Soon”

Brooklyn’s very own sonic maestro, Esseks just unleashed his latest masterpiece, “This Will All Be Over Soon,” on the cutting-edge label founded by Of The Trees, Memory Palace.

Esseks is renowned for his ability to weave through a collective of sounds, seamlessly merging elements from bass-centric genres like glitch-hop and dubstep.

What sets him apart is his remarkable fusion of auditory and visual artistry. Each track he delivers is accompanied by his own original artwork, offering fans an immersive, multi-sensory experience that transcends traditional musical boundaries.

Memory Palace, spearheaded by Of The Trees, is a sanctuary for artists who defy conventional genre restrictions, making it the perfect home for Esseks’ forthcoming single.

“This Will All Be Over Soon” is a testament to Esseks’ unparalleled ability to craft intricate soundscapes infused with profound emotion. While this single marks a fresh chapter in his musical journey, it follows in the footsteps of his previous Memory Palace release, “Dead Meat.”

Esseks shared his thoughts, stating, “Tyler and I have been friends for almost as long as I can remember, and there is nobody I trust more, both as an artist and friend, to build this next chapter with.”

Listen to “This Will All Be Over Soon” by Esseks here now:

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Emily Harvey

Aspiring Florida Journalist/Photographer enjoying the world and all the music it has to offer.

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