Aluna, Diplo and Durante Come Together On The Bouncy New House Track, “Forget About Me”

Aluna, Diplo, and Durante are three artists who have individually proven themselves in the world of house music, and now the three have come together for their new single, “Forget About Me.”

This track includes the lyrical content of a breakup record, but the energy and tone of a feel-good record. Aluna explains how those two seemingly inverse concepts overlap:

“This song is about that moment when you’ve cleaned up the trash pile that was once your heart — you’re feeling yourself and you’ve worked out how to be alone but the past comes back to haunt you, hungry for your new self-love and abundant vibes,” Aluna says. “Those are the moments you have to stay strong and really forget about your old love so that new fresh love can waltz into your life. When the one that got away comes back…what you gonna do? That’s not what I call destiny, you deserve better.”

The trio has also shared a new video along with the track. One where Aluna takes center stage behind her cheery vocals as she prances around an estate that would likely be listed in Alice’s Wonderland.

Watch the full video for “Forget About Me” below:

Featured image by Lula Hyers

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