Pope Francis Took A Trip To A Local Record Store In Rome To Get Some Classical Music

Even Pope Francis needs new tunes sometimes. Last week a local Italian journalist named Javier Martínez-Brocal spotted the religious leader leaving a record store called Stereo Sound, and filmed the brief incident.

Upon interviewing the store’s owners, Martínez-Brocal learned that they had a relationship with Pope Francis. When he was Archbishop of the Argentine Capital City of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis would purchase classical CDs and vinyl from them. This time around he apparently didn’t purchase anything, but the owners gifted him a few classical CDs.

While The Pope historically rejects such public attention, he couldn’t help but praise Martínez-Brocal for doing his job well.

“You can’t deny that it was a case of bad luck… that after taking all the precautions, there was a reporter there at the taxi rank…one should not lose one’s sense of humour. Thanks for doing your job, even if it did put The Pope in difficulty,” read a statement from Pope Francis to Martínez-Brocal. 

Watch the brief video of The Pope exiting the record shop below:

Featured image by Remo Casilli / Reuters

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