Anz Has Launched A Brand New Label, OTMI

Anz has launched her new label OTMI, or Otrast Mitades.

Anna-Marie Odubote, better known as Anz, has launched her new label called OTMI, or Otras Mitades. In Spanish, Otra Mitades means ‘other halves’ and is often used to express one’s other half or significant other. The idea of the album is that by listening to these tracks, one will be able to describe one’s soulmate.

Anz’s brand new label will kick off its release with 2 brand new tracks from Anz herself. The EP will be called ‘OTMI001’ and will be released primarily on Bandcamp with only 300 full vinyl records available. The first track has already been released, and the second track from the newly established OTMI label will likely be put out closer to the end of 2021.

Stream Anz’s ‘Unravel In The Designated Zone’ below.

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