This Awesome App Let’s You Find Cheap Rides To EDC

Are you in need of a ride from Los Angeles (or surrounding areas) to Las Vegas and from for next week? If so, you are in luck as a new carpool service has just launched.

It’s called TRIPDA.

The company aims to eliminate greenhouse gases by linking up drivers and people who need a ride. On the company’s website, you could get a ride from various places in Southern California to Vegas. You can also book a return ride as well.

All you need to do is sign up and contribute a set amount of gas money to the driver. The co-founder of TRIPDA hopes to bring this service to other festivals around the nation. Another benefit of the service is that you can make new friends along your journey.

The rides are completely safe and are verified. The driver also has to provide insurance and provide a valid drivers license. Ladies can even choose ladies-only rides.

Check out TRIPDA’s website for EDC carpooling here:



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