Hear OSSOLO’s Inspired And Versatile New Album ‘Monofilaments’

Listeners looking for an album that comes alive with the beautiful and positive energy of the ocean can look no further than OSSOLO. This debut album, entitled Monofilaments, is inspired by Fred Again and the personal sound of his chosen vocalists to create a piece diverse yet cohesive. The whole album is soft and gentle, but engaging and intense.

Ossolo is the electronic music project of Ryan Tudhope, an American filmmaker, producer, and songwriter based in Auckland. He was born and raised in Seattle, but during the pandemic, relocated to Auckland for a project. He has a background in film and visual effects, which he uses as a point of reference to carry viewers and listeners through a diverse set of emotions and experiences.

His debut album is deep and relaxing without feeling stale. “Spinning” has a smooth sound with a vocalist reminiscent of The XX. But “Dance” and “Tempra” have a bit more funk and disco to keep the energy moving through the piece and are perfect for laying on the beach. Fans of Frank Ocean and Khalid will love “I Want You”, an R&B-inspired and downright sexy track. Listen to the full album below.

Keep up with Ossolo on Instagram, Facebook, and his website.

Featured image provided by Ossolo

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