Tomorrowland Reveals ‘Medallion of Memoria’ NFTs

The world of NFTs is continuing its expansion into the festival scene with Tomorrowland’s new Medallion of Memoria. Tomorrowland is one of the most internationally diverse festivals in the game and is continuing to push the boundary on community and connection, both virtually and in person.

One NFT from each of the three collections will complete the full Medallion of Memoria. Purchasers can keep the pieces or burn the full medallion to receive a Full Madness pass for Tomorrowland Belgium next year.

Each collection has unique perks for NFT holders as well. The current collection gives an allowlist for all Tomorrowland events, access to secret zones at events, and exclusive giveaways for products and experiences. The allowlist provides exclusive pre-access to ticket sales, future drops, and related events.

The first piece is now available and entitled “A Letter from the Universe.” It originally dropped as part of Tomorrowland Winter 2022 and gave access to secret shows and private experiences in the French Alps. Get ready as the second piece of the medallion, “The Reflection of Love”, drops on day one of Tomorrowland 2022, July 15.

Tomorrowland is a behemoth in the European festival circuit. There are over 50 stages and 200 artists of all genres. Top international headliners for 2022 include Da Tweekaz, Charlotte De Witte, Quintino, and Sullivan King.

Check out the preview below for the ‘Medallion of Memoria’ NFTs below,” and collect them all here.

Featured image from Rukes 

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