Artist Radar: xndr. Releases ‘Radiant’ With VEXUS

We’ve got a new artist to add to your radar! Let’s introduce you to xndr.
xndr. is an NYC-based producer, DJ, and songwriter, and his musical journey began at the age of six with the trombone. As a classically trained musician, xndr. has combined his vast music experience with his love for electronic dance music in each track he makes. Not bound by a genre, xndr. produces music from house, future riddim, emotional future bass, and everything in between with a high level of passion and musicality. It’s always great to see producers that are rising to the top that have classically trained backgrounds because this certainly influences their sound and gives them some unique flavor.
xndr. has had a ton of success recently with his second release “Radiant” a collaboration with VEXUS, a 19-year-old dubstep producer from Nashville. The track has been featured in the 2021 Valorant World Championships, “VCT Champions.” This is a huge accomplishment from the aspiring producer, and it certainly proves he’s headed on the right track.

“Radiant” is a colorful yet powerful future riddim tune that shows hints of his classically trained ear. The two different drops exemplify the Hero vs. Villain narrative embodied in the 5v5, character-based first-person shooter video game. We can see why Riot Games liked it so much that it was featured in their 2021 competition. Take a listen to “Radiant” below and let us know your thoughts below!

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