Artist Spotlight: Gold Mozae Brings The Deep Groove With “Overload”

Gold Mozae has become one of the most talked about rising DJs and producers in 2022. With fans from all corners of the world, his unique beats and sounds have quickly gained him global notoriety.

He was recently featured on the Spotify Artist Spotlight and is only looking to go up from here.

Gold Mozae’s sound influences are vast. His house tracks have clear R&B and hip-hop influences that sound as if Ne-Yo and Chris Brown made feel-good modern dance music. There are also more trap-inspired pieces like “More Time“, showing that Gold Mazae can easily hype up a crowd.

Now his latest bass-heavy dance track “Overload” has been released and it will have you grooving until winter. The digitally deepened vocals perfectly accompany the bass house influence, lending itself to a deep but danceable beat. There’s a positivity and lightness that makes “Overload” easy to listen to and a dark bass that will still give you a mean bass face.

Keep up to date on Gold Mozae’s rocket to stardom with his Instagram, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

Check out “Overload” below:

Featured image provided by Gold Mazae team

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