5 Artists To See At OMFG! NYE 2023

With the excitement of a new year, the hype of ending the year on the highest note is on our minds. As we reflect on what the year has taught us, we think of our happiest memories in the dance community, and deciding how to spend the welcoming of new beginnings is a question we think about. Here’s one event you should check out. 

LED Presents has announced its return to the Pechanga Arena on December 30- 31st, OMFG! NYE 2023. This lineup is jam-packed with house music and future bass artists that will have the arena bumping for the two-day festival, with a diverse line-up of well-known DJs such as Porter Robinson, RL Grime, and Said the SkyCheck out EDM Maniac’s artists to see below.

1. Gryffin

San Francisco native, Dan Griffith, also known as Gryffin, has been the triple threat in the EDM scene producing and songwriting with different artists and releasing original mixes since 2016. He’s known for his house and future bass tracks incorporating electronic melodies with piano and guitar. 

The artist began his career by releasing an unofficial house remix for John Newman and then paving his way by producing remixes for other pop stars such as “Desire” by Years & Years and “Talking Body” by Tove Lo. The producer decided to sprout onto his own success and has gone on to release his own singles as Gryffin producing hits such as “Woke Up in Love” and “Lose Your Love.” Fast forward to now, he has reached his high with performance festival-wide and nailing a residency at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas.


Bass house artist JSTJR has been shaking up the scene with his originality, breaking the charts with other well-known DJs like Henry Fong. The New England native hails lineage to “the Buraka Som Sistema’s zouk bass movement in America.” JSTJR is known for his original mixes of electronic sounds with a twist of hip-hop and Spanish songs. 

He has also pushed his way into the culture of social media by making humorous Tik Tok’s and videos while also launching his own record label, Group Chat Recordings. JSTJR has entered the scene with no mistake of bringing electric energy to his performances at festivals such as EDCLV and Hard Summer. JSTJR has even earned a spot with top EDM labels including Insomniac, and SMOG, and continues to set the bar for what he is going to accomplish next. 

3. Jessica Audiffred

As the reigning Queen of Mexico’s Trap and Bass scene, DJ and producer Jessica Audiffred, has already made a name for herself with her unique sound and bringing attention and crowds worldwide. Originating from Mexico City, she has already busted through the festival scene by performing at huge festivals such as EDC Las Vegas and EDC Mexico. She’s known for combining old-school dubstep with new-school bass that truly sets her apart in sound and brings an exhilarating performance.  She also has her own record company called, “A-Records” and is touring worldwide.

4. ISOxo

San Diego rising star, DJ ISOxo, has made a clear name for himself in the bass music scene. He began his rise to fame in late 2012, producing his own music and perfecting his sound in the making. Some identify his “gritty and punk-infused sound” to be the calling of the bass generation and is producing music alongside his best friend and bass music artist, Knock2.

The pair first released their song, “Radial’ which led to being signed by RL Grime’s  Sable Valley. The DJ has even released his EP, “Nightrealm”, and made his first-ever debut performance at Hard Summer this year. The producer just released, “Niteharts”, a collab album alongside DJ Knock2 that has music listeners moshing and banging with the tracks. 

5. Tsu Nami

The LA-based producer/DJ, Tsu Nami, is known for creating her own melodic dance music and pop music that is “ emotional chord progressions and intoxicating instrumentalism” according to Temple Live Events.  Her love for music started at an early age playing piano at 4 years old and being involved in school bands. 

Fast forward to now the producer/DJ has sprouted into a virtual performer who has gained attention from thousands of viewers worldwide with the release of her song “Party.” This rising star has encouraged women and is not afraid to express her emotions through her music. 

OMFG! NYE 2023 is taking place on December 30-31st, at the Pechanga Arena. Click here to purchase tickets.

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