Interview: Celebrating EDC Las Vegas With Audien


Grammy-nominated Nate Rathbun, AKA Audien has kept crowds across the globe dancing happily for years. His mesmerizing music is a mix of progressive house, trance, trap, and electro house. Some of his most popular tracks include his remix of “Kill The Lights (with Nile Rodgers)” and “Wish It Was You” featuring Cate Downey. EDM Maniac had the pleasure of speaking with Audien just before he performed on the main stage of EDC Las Vegas.

EDM Maniac: Hey! Happy EDC! How are you doing today?

Audien: Doing great! Thank you for asking.

EDM Maniac: Of course. Well, welcome back to another year of EDC. You just performed here months ago in October. What does performing at EDC Las Vegas mean to you?

Audien: Performing at EDC is like a big blip in the timeline every year, you know. Well, some years I don’t play, but in my career, I remember every EDC I have ever played. You prepare for it and — it feels like a graduation. Yeah, it’s like one big graduation.


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EDM Maniac: What would you say was your favorite EDC that you’ve performed so far?

Audien: So far, last year’s. I’m sure this year will top that, but last year was amazing. I played really late at the Quantum Valley stage. It was super packed, and it was amazing — just so good. There were a lot of fans there.

EDM Maniac: It feels like it just keeps getting better and better.

Audien: It just does. It really does.

EDM Maniac: Your Progressive House Never Died tour also just started. Where are you most excited to go and why?

Audien: You know, every market is going to be special because it’s all some of my favorite places to play. We specifically did that because we wanted to play in markets where I have always had great shows. We’re bringing this to the people! Like we’re bringing this movement to the people. It’s standing for something that means a lot to me personally.

EDM Maniac: Why did you give your tour the name Progressive House Never Dies? What does that mean to you?

Audien: So, what it means to me is — it’s really like a — it’s paying homage to what I call the golden age of dance music, which was like 2012 to 2015. There was this feeling around the music where people just all understood it in unison. I think now it’s a lot more scattered which is good because it’s diverse. But, at the same time, I feel like progressive house, that specific and energetic dance music, kind of became passé. A lot of people stopped making it, stopped playing it — and my goal is to bring it back.

EDM Maniac: In a sense, it’s like bringing people back to their roots.

Audien: Yes, it’s like bringing people back to their roots. But also, like future nostalgia. It’s a now way of taking in something that was so good that we lost.

EDM Maniac: I love that! And speaking of your tour, your Hollywood Palladium show is coming up on July 22nd. It’s your biggest show. How do you feel about the Palladium show being your biggest show?


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Audien: Very good. I would imagine that this is the next step for me. I’m very fortunate to be able to do it. I think it’s going to be an amazing show.

EDM Maniac: Have you already started preparing for it?

Audien: Oh, yeah. Big time. We’re planning everything. It’s going to be very dialed in. It’ll be like a show you’ve seen from me, but in a way more heightened sense and it’s going to be all about progressive house.

EDM Maniac: Can’t wait to see it! It sounds like a very exciting time for you. Though you’re gearing up for that show and the rest of your tour, are there any new projects you’re working on right now that you can tell us about?

Audien: Yeah, for sure! Just a lot of new music. I have a song with Matisse and Sadko, with ARTY — these are people that are really in my realm of music. I’m just working on so many songs right now. It’s like a big bottleneck of new songs right now and I’m excited to play all of them on the tour.

EDM Maniac: Lovely! And maybe play some here at EDC hopefully?

Audien: Yeah! Yeah, I might tease one.

EDM Maniac: Fingers crossed *laughs*. What are three facts about yourself that you don’t think your fans know about you?

Audien: Hm, I move a lot. I love interior design. I’m a pretty simple guy, to be honest. I like the simple stuff. I’m a morning person!

EDM Maniac: Wow, I wish I was a morning person *laughs*. So, going off of your answers, where has been your favorite place that you’ve moved and where do you see yourself settling?

Audien: So, I’m moving to Austin pretty soon. I chose Austin for a lot of reasons, but I think I’ve had the most fun in L.A. All of my friends are out there. I’ve spent a lot of great summers — 2020 was awful summer. We kind of just hung out by the pool all summer, but it was amazing. It’s one of my favorite places.

EDM Maniac: Do you see yourself settling there?

Audien: No. I just see myself living a more efficient and fulfilling life. Living there [in L.A.], it’s just hard to do that. I travel a lot and I kind of want to be in the center of the country.


EDM Maniac: That’s true. L.A. can be pretty intense for people. Another question off of your three facts: What does your interior design style look like? Describe that.

Audien: It’s very modern, but it’s very minimal. It’s neutral and simple with color pops. The style is hard to describe. I think it’s something you’d have to see. I think that’s what makes interior design great. It’s hard to describe interior design. You have to just see it because it’s more of a visually appealing thing.

EDM Maniac: Please come through and redesign my apartment *laughs*. That sounds great! What is one message that you want to leave with your fans right now?

Audien: I just want to thank them for their support. I have been doing this for so long and it’s just such a blessing to continue to do what I love. It’s just amazing! I feel grateful for them, you know. And I get to continue to make these kinds of memories. They’re really important to me.

EDM Maniac: Great! Well, that’s all the questions that I have for you today. It was wonderful talking with you and good luck tonight on your performance here at EDC!

Audien: Great, thanks!

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