Beatport To Release 3,030 Generative NFTs Via PIXELYNX

Beatport, the popular music distribution platform, has announced they will drop 3,030 unique non-fungible tokens of what they call “Synth Heads.” Synth Heads are living synth characters based on the following models: BØB, Lynn, Pauline, Oscar, Seq-Ee, and Dax 7. View a version of each model in the announcement video below.

These NFT’s are generative which means that an algorithm will produce a random rendition of one of six models. The result will be a completely unique digital figure that the purchaser will own.

Beatport is releasing the Synth Heads via PIXELYNX, the metaverse gaming platform from deadmau5, Richie Hawtin, and various other industry investors. deadmau5 recently dropped a similar NFT series called “head5” which used comparable generative technology to create unique versions of his trademark mau5 helmet.

Synth Heads will be available to purchase on Thursday, January 27, with pricing coming soon. Join the Beatport Discord for more information.

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