Bingo Players and Tania Foster Share Soul-Infused New Single, “Nightshift”

Soul music and house music are like old friends. They can remain separate from each other for years, but when they come back together it’s like no time has passed. Yet another example of this relationship comes in the form of Bingo Players‘ new single, “Night Shift.”

Tapping the impressive singer/songwriter from the UK, Tania Foster, Bingo Players taps accesses a feeling every adult has felt at some point. The urge to let loose on the weekend after a long week of work. Foster’s vocals are strong but concise, balancing a sense of fire with a coinciding sense of grace.

“I’m really excited to start the year with the release of ‘Nightshift.’ It’s an anthem for those who want to be out late, forget their workweek, and see the sun come up! The last 18 months or so I have been able to really focus on being in the studio and getting a lot done during the downtime touring. I can’t wait for everyone to hear what’s to come! Hope to see you at a show!,” Bingo Players says.

Listen to “Nightshift” from Bingo Players and Tania Foster below:

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