California’s Outdoor Concerts Will Be Allowed To Re-Open April 1

No, this is not an April fool’s prank. The state of California has announced that starting as early as April 1, stadiums, theme parks and outdoor concerts can begin reopening.

Here’s What’s Happening

Officials have announced that outdoor venues in California will be able to operate at a reduced capacity with masks and other public health procedures in place starting as early as April 1. The number of people each venue is able to hold will be based on each venue’s status in the state’s “Blueprint for a Safer Economy.” In the state’s blueprint, venues have been broken up into several different tiers. In the Purple tier are outdoor sports and live concerts which are limited to 100 people or less and “only allows visitors from the specific region.” The red tier is limited to just 20% with only in-state visitors and the Orange tier is limited to 33% and will also only allow in-state visitors. California’s Yellow tier will be limited to 67% and again, will onlyi allow in-state visitors. According to mxdwn Music, the LA area is in the purple tier, San Francisco is in the red tier, Alameda county is in the Purple tier and San Diego is in the Purple tier.

Other states including Texas and New York, have also made recent pivotal announcements in regards to their advancements to bring back live events. Texas now allows performing art halls to open at 75% and New York will open their music venues at 33% capacity starting on April 2. New York has also given the green light for stadiums of more than 10,000 people to open at 10% capacity.

For more information in regards to California’s tiers and their “Blueprint for a Safer Economy,” click here.

Feature Photo – Ryan Muir
Source – mxdwn Music

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