Circus Records Shares Posthumous Release From Cookie Monsta, “I’m Delighted”

On the second anniversary of Cookie Monsta‘s passing, Circus Records share “I’m Delighted,” a track that Cookie Monsta, Flux Pavilion, and Koven had been working on and had sat incomplete, until now.

It’s a powerfully emotive piece, with Koven’s gorgeous vocals full of feeling that punches the listener in the gut. It’s a beautiful tribute to such an impactful figure in the dance music space.

The piece was completed by Flux Pavilion and Koven in his honor. Furthermore, all profits and artist shares will be donated to Cookie Monsta’s son, Oliver.

Circus Records’ team reflected on Cookie Monsta’s talent and lasting memory, “To finally release ‘I’m Delighted’ is a bittersweet moment, it’s tough for all to go back to a piece of music that was born in the final few months of our friend and brother’s journey. But it is a wonderful, emotionally charged song and the world deserves to hear it. Flux Pavilion & Koven were very clear that their royalties for the song should go to Oliver, Cookie’s son, Circus Records will do the same.”

Listen to the Circus Records track “I’m Delighted” below:

Featured image credit Merc Photography from Cookie Monsta 

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