Coachella 2014 Recap

When a few hundred thousand people from all regions of the world come together in one place, a special community forms; a community that is rarely found in today’s society which often visualizes violence and distress all across the forms of media. For some, this special community is a place to dance to your heart’s desire without a care in the world, to others a place of being for the love of music, and for the rest it’s become a second home

The Coachella Arts and Music Festival in Indio, CA has become one of the most sought out festivals in the world. Hosting over 250,000+ music loving patrons on the Empire Polo Grounds, this festival is one that we can say should be on everyone’s bucket list. Expanding into two weekends as side from one (due to popular demand from the public), the EDM Maniac team ventured out for weekend two of the historic festival. Perhaps many might question why invest a couple hundred dollars on a ticket and traveling expenses on a few acts when you can see them right from your screen? It really comes down to the various aspects that have made Coachella one of the most wanted tickets in the world.

Located in Indio, CA the festival contains seven main stages showcasing acts from a variety of genres such as electronic, rock, to some pop icons of the decade. Being in a secluded part of a desert (literally) a sense of calmness within yourself and nature surrounds you anywhere you look around the festival. Art structures align and mark various points of interest as you tour the grounds. With enough room to move around freely, you never truly feel like you are in a crowded abyss, unless you happen to be under one of the four covered stages (also known as Yuma, Gobi, Mojave, and Sahara). Using the available resources within means, the visual perception is just like any other festival including lasers, fire, and interactive stage designs.

Some of the art featured at the festival is truly unique in terms of design and placement within the vicinity. This year a giant Astronaut moved around the grounds while on the helmet face shield, various happy face designs displayed. A smaller version of a robot was present at the festival as well, making for a great landmark to meet up with your fellow mates. A color changing rotating tunnel was one that completely threw our minds off as well as the Do Lab’s color changing stage structures, perfect for providing shade during the day.

A wide assortment of artists united at the Coachella festival grounds over the course of two weekends. To keep it fair for all, the initial lineup was the same for both weekends. Whether you were catching Martin Garrix drop his latest single “Helicopter” or driving the crowd wild with his smash hit “Animals” to the lovely songstress Lana Del Rey belting out her vocals to “Summertime Saddness”; Coachella gave a music lover the authentic lineup that we could only wish for. Featuring other notable artists such as Ellie Goulding, Outkast, Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Krewella,(among many) everywhere you looked the crowd was taking in the music and having a great time. Some of our personal favorites were watching the custom LED stage inside the Sahara tent for Dillon Francis to singing along with the crowd to the lyrics of “Reload” during Alesso’s set.

It is rare to find people you can connect with right off the bat however at Coachella we had no problem. Conversations that went off without a hitch or asking a particular question was taken with open arms. One thing that we can say is that the amazing vibes brought by the festival-goers is one that we have ever encountered. We were able to relate off one another through the unification brought by the love of a certain artist and/or song. A problem that often comes with a mainstream lit event, Coachella differs from all that. Being an all age’s event, surprisingly the crowds are tolerable with enough security and first aid personnel around if a situation were to arise.

The Coachella Arts and Music festival has evolved from its one day small festival in Indio, CA to one of the most sought after three day festivals in the world. To accommodate most, the team behind the festival expanded out to two weekends, giving mostly everyone a chance to attend (if you’re lucky to get your hands on a ticket). Boosting one of the most impressive line ups to date to the unique layout in stage designs we truly recommend everyone to check out the festival. It’s been quite the adventure thanks to the staff, artists, Goldenvoice for making this happen. We look forward to what next year’s Coachella has to offer. 

Written by
Devin Lezama

Hi, I'm Devin! I'm from New York City but now spend my time in sunny Los Angeles attending shows and festivals. I'm also the founder of EDM Maniac.

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