COVID-19 Screening At Music Festival Leads To Zero Reports

Two weeks ago, 1,000 individuals volunteered to take part in a study to help determine if same-day screening at a music festival would be effective, and it was. Barcelona hosted an indoor music festival where the 1,000 volunteers were split in half and either attended the event or were used as a control group. Organizers reported that the same-day COVID-19 screening resulted in zero reports throughout the duration of the event.

Half of the individuals who volunteered had to pass an antigen test on-site in order to enter the venue and once they had passed, they were required to wear a mask for the remainder of the festival. The other half of the volunteers were sent home and used as a control group.

It was reported by ClickOrlando that zero infections were found among the 463 festival attendees who had agreed to the second round of testing while the control group of 496 that did not attend the concert ended up having two positive cases.

Courtesy of Emilio Morenatti

The study was set up by Barcelona’s The Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation alongside the Primavera Sound music festival. This study may serve as a breakthrough for on-site testing for music festivals but it is too early to tell, however, the results of this study are extremely promising. 

Source – ClickOrlando
Feature Photo – Emilio Morenatti

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