CRSSD Fest Fall 2016 Recap

Sunny skies and vibes at CRSSD Fest.

The 4th edition of CRSSD Festival was grand, great, and beautiful all at once. The sun-kissed horizon made for a picturesque view of San Diego the entire time you boogied across the festival grounds.

With headliners including Zhu and Miike Snow alongside heavyweights like Cashmere Cat and Justin Martin creating a sweet mix of Underground to mainstream, you should know that you are in for a good one no matter where you may be. CRSSD delivered more than ever, setting the bar high for their future editions to come.

There were a few things that really stood out at the fest this time around and they each deserve a spotlight of their own:

The Logistics

This sounds incredibly boring, right? Wrong. CRSSD has delivered yet again and fest after fest they find things to improve on. This time around there was a faster entry which goes a long way when you’re standing in like with the sun staring you directly in the eyes. There was an abundance of porta potties which you never appreciate until you’re on the verge of peeing yourself and there’s at least one person waiting in front of each porta potty. Even at peak times there was little to no wait. I didn’t even know urinal porta potties for guys existed until this weekend. This REALLY helped expedite the restroom usage by the main stage. The stages are setup so they are all parallel to each other with no sound bleed which also allows you to easily maneuver the festival which you can never go wrong with.

Food/Drink Options

CRSSD knows no barriers and understand their demographic perfectly well. They served up the juiciest of concoctions from handcrafted drink to craft beers really hitting the nail on the head as far as alcoholic beverages. Did you get the munchies and crave some signature Spicy Pie Pizza or even some lumpia? Maybe some typical festival food like chicken strips and fries? CRSSD had you covered all around.

The Musical Experience

This one is always a given but with such a finely curated lineup touching the underground with guys like Lee Foss and Felix Da Housecat as much as they did the general crowd with Zhu and Thomas Jack, it was refreshing to see such an eclectic mix of artist all across the fest. CRSSD does a great job of leaving the main stage for acts that they put at the top of the bill but that does not mean they are not putting heavyweights on the other stages. It’s almost like there is no real main stage, it just so happens to be the biggest stage there. Festivals, take notes!

Sunny San Diego

It was pure magic seeing and feeling the sun caress your skin without suffocating you and causing a downpour of sweat. Whether you got there as soon as doors opened or when the sun was going down, the festival’s proximity to the marina allowed for it to be cool without it being cold, but great to the touch no matter what time it was. The weather was just so perfect that you almost wanted to spend your entire stay in SD outside.

If I didn’t make it clear – CRSSD was amazing in a nutshell. With each edition getting better as time passes it’s safe to say that the festival is here to stay.

See you all soon for the 5th (Spring) edition of CRSSD!

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