Why Datsik’s ‘Master of Shadows’ Should Be Your New Go-To EP

This morning I got in my car and began on my hour and a half long, rainy commute and suddenly remembered, “OHHHH shit, Datsik’s new EP today!”

‘Master of Shadows’ is exactly what I’ve been waiting. I’ve been super stoked for this drop since Troy hasn’t gifted us with a new EP since 2016. I saw him twice last year, his Ninja Nation Tour in Cleveland and when he threw down on a B2B with Excision at Lost Lands. As a performer, he never disappoints. I’ll tell ya that this EP doesn’t either.

Pressure Plates- Datsik

Kicking off this EP this track kinda feels like it’s picking up right where Darkstar EP left off with “Feel Good.” Gonna be my new “first played in the car” jam.

Warriors of the Night- Datsik & Virtual Riot

This track goes back to the ninja feel that Sensai had. I was looking forward to it especially because their last collab “Nasty” went hard AF. This one does too though.

Bad Behavior (feat. T.Rabb)- Datsik & Ganja White Night

Never heard anything from T.Rabb but his intro fits perfectly to this track. Ganja boys always bring the heat and this first collab with Datsik definitely brought out my bass face and made me crank the volume up.

Ronin Riddim- Datsik & Jphelpz

I’ve been super into riddim lately and was honestly surprised to see this on this EP. It’s got a super eerie feel. Think like, evil sensei meets some heavy wubs.

You’ve Changed- Datsik

Firepower Records calls this track “festival ready” with its “show-stopping rap lyricism.” I agree with that and can’t wait to hear it at Electric Forest this summer.

Freakuency- Datsik & Virtual Riot

Off the bat I love the name of the song and idea of a second Riot collab. The first hit punches you in the face out of nowhere.

Find Me (feat. Dion Timmer & Excision)

Last time these three teamed up the result was Harambe and we all know how that went.. Completely mind-blowing. Things start to get real heavy around 2:30. I can see this track in an Excision Detox Set (praying that he does another next year at Lost Lands).

In addition to the EP dropping today, Datsik is also kicking off his 2018 tour tonight in Chicago. I was gonna skip his tour this year since he’s not coming to my city, but after listening to Master of Shadows, I’m reconsidering.

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