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House + Techno are Back, Baby: DAY.MVS XL

DAY.MVS XL 2021 by Felicia Garcia

DAY.MVS XL Festival Brings Stellar Experience for All

This past weekend, we hit the town and partied all weekend long at DAY.MVS XL music festival in San Diego, California. This festival is presented by FNGRS CRSSD and features a wide variety of house and techno artists. The first DAY.MVS festival was held in 2015 at San Diego’s Quartsyard, a small outdoor venue downtown. The past couple of DAY.MVS events were held at Petco Park and were single-day events. Not only did FNGRS CRSSD make DAY.MVS a two-day event this year, but also moved the venue location to the San Diego Waterfront Park. This is also the same location that they hold CRSSD music festival. With DAY.MVS moving to the Waterfront Park location, they were able to host more attendees, hence, making DAY.MVS XL.

Fountain near Northside Stage by Felicia Garcia

If you are familiar with CRSSD music festival, you could recognize that DAY.MVS XL had a very similar setup. Unlike CRSSD, DAY.MVS had two stages. However, the layout of the festival was almost identical; minus the third stage missing in between the two main stages. This allowed for the venue to be more spacious and include more rest areas and drink booths. The decorations for DAY.MVS was also similar to CRSSD festival. There were many picture-perfect areas where guests could commemorate their time at DAY.MVS, such as the “BABE” sign, the projected logo on the side of the building, and the Cacti Seltzer display. People also had the opportunity to cool off by dancing in the fountain alongside both stages. Of course, the best thing about being at the Waterfront venue was being able to watch the sunset on the water while dancing the night away with friends.

DAY.MVS XL by Miranda McDonald

The event also offered a wide variety of food that festival-goers could enjoy. I had the opportunity to try the poké booth before getting the day started and was pleased by how good the food at the venue was. A friend of mine noted that there were so many vegan choices to choose from which he was thankful for. He had the vegan tacos and said that they were the best vegan tacos he ever had! A few friends complained about how expensive drinks were, however, what festival doesn’t have overpriced drinks? They did say that the drinks were good despite the price. Overall, the food and drinks at DAY.MVS was really good!

The last DAY.MVS lineup included artists such as Lane 8, Shiba San, and Luttrell. This year, DAY.MVS turned up the heat and brought in many big-name DJs. To live up to the “XL” added to their name, the lineup this year showcased artists like FISHER, MK, Nora en Pure, and Monolink. They also brought in surprise-guest Green Velvet which definitely excited all the guests who were anxious to find out who the special guest was. Needless to say, FNGRS CRSSD fans were not let down by this year’s DAY.MVS lineup and it will be hard to beat the next year. However, we already can’t wait to see what is in store for us the following year.

DAY.MVS XL 2021 Lineup

With the beautiful venue, good food and drink, and a stellar lineup, it was hard to complain! The 21+ restriction allowed for guests to relax and vibe with a more mature crowd. Many of the people who attended the event were much older than the usual 18+ events. Personally, I enjoyed the atmosphere that was created by the festival attendees. The people that I interacted with within the crowd were all very nice and welcoming. I got that general feel from the whole festival crowd itself. People were just there to relax and listen to good music!

As someone who loves house and techno with a passion, I tried to set aside my biases to write an honest and unbiased review. I genuinely believe that DAY.MVS XL was one of the best festivals of 2021. The production team at FNGRS CRSSD put on a very well-put-together festival and it was extremely enjoyable for most guests. We can’t wait to see more of DAY.MVS and CRSSD festivals!

FISHER set at DAY.MVS XL by Felicia Garcia

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