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Riot Ten and Stouty Announce New Project, “Pushing Daizies”

Dubstep hard-hitters Riot Ten and Stouty recently announced on Instagram a new alias project they have been working on, “Pushing Daizies”. The project will feature more of an emotional electronic sound, Riot Ten has described as “melodic sad boy”. During quarantine, the two spent time in the studio stepping out of their comfort zone and ended up with more than 20 tracks. 

EDM Maniac got a chance to chat with Riot Ten about the release of the new project:

“We’re like, alright, well, how are we gonna roll this out, and at first I wanted to do it anonymously. I guess the reason why I wanted to do that is because I didn’t want to mix it with Riot Ten, I guess I was scared of the backlash. Then I kind of got tired of trying to hide it and it was something I am very proud of. So I’m gonna come out with it and if people don’t like it, cool, but I’m proud of it. I want to put my name and my face and my partner’s face to that project.”

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The most recent track released by the duo is titled I Miss You featuring Lucii. The track features heart-belting vocals sang by Lucii and sounds that make you want to sing and dance. You can stream music by Pushing Daizies on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud. It will be interesting to hear a different side of Riot Ten and Stouty as the rest of the tracks on the project continue to roll out. 


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