Deadmau5 and Microsoft Unveil New DJ Technology

Electronic Music and technology are pretty much synonymous. Recently, many DJs have partnered with different technology companies to improve and enhance the art of DJ’ing and now Deadmau5 is having his turn. Deadmau5 is notorious for using cool software and technology as part of his whole image, so it was of no surprise when Deadmau5 partnered with Microsoft to unveil a new DJ controller software. Although we don’t know too much about the software right now, you can see Deadmau5 demonstrating it in the video down below. It’s also possible that the mau5 used the technology in a recent show in Toronto (see second video).

Whatever the software might do, we’re certainly interested in seeing how it will come to life in live shows and how it might change or improve the growing styles of Electronic music.

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