Deathpact Crafts Industrial Rework Of “BRUTALISM” By Jean-Michel Jarre

Producer/composer Jean-Michel Jarre has teamed up with the most mysterious artist in electronic music, Deathpact, for an industrial rework of his single “BRUTALISM” with “BRUTALISM REPRISE.”

The rework is deep and building with an industrial atmosphere that is purely Deathpact. The bouncy synths ebb and flow in a trance-like wave before dropping into an intense and ominous climax.

This is not the first time the two have collaborated, as Jarre previously remixed Deathpact’s “ID”, which later became “Split Personality.”

The Deathpact project is shrouded in mystery as an artist that will always remain anonymous and forward-thinking. In November at the MIDHEAVEN show, they will perform on the four edges of the US in one single day, in a feat of both modern engineering and Deathpact mystery.

Jean-Michel Jarre has always been a futurist in his field. As a composer, performer, producer, and cultural ambassador, he continues to push the boundary of music and creative innovation.

Listen to the Deathpact rework of Jean-Michel Jarre “BRUTALISM REPRISE” below:

Featured image from Deathpact

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