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Delusional Records Share Epic Compilation To Celebrate Two-Year Anniversary

It has been two years since Maude Vôs and Marie Nyx co-founded the transformative and eclectic music label, Delusional Records.

The label has made huge strides in its short lifespan, building an impressive catalog of 17 releases and a roster that now includes 45 artists; 95% of whom identify as LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and/or women or non-binary folk. 

Vôs and Nyx have done extraordinary work to not only increase visibility for these communities but to foster a home for artists who are far too often shut out.

“Over the last year, we have really honed in our vision at Delusional and cultivated the community of our dreams, which is something I’m really proud of,” says Marie Nyx. 

To celebrate their successes, the team collectively constructed a Two-Year Anniversary Compilation, an alluring 18-track collection that offers a diverse array of electronic genres, featuring everything from energetic techno to soothing melodic broken beats, enticing acid electro, and experimental leftfield sounds.

The tracks on the compilation eagerly feed off of each other to showcase the label’s talents and personalities. 

The compilation spotlights not only the label’s returnees and friends but introduces exciting new faces, injecting fresh energy into the underground music arena.

In addition, Vôs and Nyx showcase their highly-anticipated second original collaboration, “Bump of Gay”, on the release. 

Among the stand-out tracks on the compilation, “Action Perfection” by LA underground staples Hannah Monica and Monsieur Frazier blends a fresh take on classic Detroit techno with Baltimore Club vocals and rhythmic percussive elements.

Deckrekord label boss Materielle contributes “Organza,” an exhilarating fast dub techno groover infused with melodious chord stabs, tantalizing sweeps, and driving beats.

Also making a welcomed return is Slumber‘s Amber Cox, delivering her first original single on the label with “Silver Cord,” a psychotropic deep house track boasting atmospheric pads, modulated acid synth lines, and meditative vocals.

The compilation features the seasoned talents of Delusional resident artists Trovarsi,, and Meagan Jane Marron, each bringing their unique signature styles that have previously led to successful EP releases on the label in 2021 and 2022. 

Listeners are further introduced to a host of invigorating new artists, such as enereph and Aria Bare from Seattle, DateNite from LA, and Liara from Iowa City.

Nyx is proud to “connect and work with some of our favorite LGBTQ+ artists” on this monumental piece for the label. Listen to the full compilation below: 

Written by
Kaitlyn Katuscak

Katie is currently working as a travel nurse with a specialty in Pediatric ICU but has a deep passion for electronic music. She's been going to festivals since 2017 and loves the free-spirit energy that comes with festivals. Her favorite artists are Zeds Dead and Subtronics. If you see her at a show, please come say hello!

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