Dillon Francis Steals Credit For DJ Hanzel’s Latest Track “Talkin”

DJ Hanzel, with the mission “go one deeper” has released his new single “Talkin.” DJ Hanzel claims that Dillon Francis has stolen and released his track from the latest tweet and Instagram post by DJ Hanzel. The two artists look identical, but Hanzel carries a German accent whereas Dillon Francis does not. Despite the tensions between Hanzel and Francis, the track carries strong low-end energy with a punchy baseline, a strong component of a solid dance track.

DJ Hanzel with the mission of “go one deeper” came about when he saw a late-night set from Kraftwerk. Hanzel hated what Kraftwerk was trying to do, he didn’t care for their suits and swagger. Hanzel believes that they didn’t “go deep enough”. Interestingly Hanzel expressed his thoughts and concerns to the German government asking them to charge Kraftwerk for wasting his precious time.

Hanzel hasn’t received a single response from the German government, so he took matters into his own hands. Hanzel made a vow to become a musician and for his music to always “go one deeper”. His journey began ever since then where he spent the next several years grinding away in Düsseldorf’s club scene while funding himself with his corporate day job for a marketing firm writing jingles.

Check out the latest track on Spotify below:


Featured image from DJ Hanzel at Dreamfest

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