Dillon Francis Will Join Marc Rebillet For ‘We’ve Got Company’ On Amazon Music Twitch

Marc Rebillet made his name being wacky and wild on the internet, and he continues that legacy via We’ve Got Company his new show on Amazon Music’s Twitch Channel. For every episode, Rebillet welcomes a special guest into his world for a sitcom-themed, musically-tinged, talk show experience, and the next guest will be none other than Dillon Francis.

Similar to Rebillet, Francis has integrated cheeky humor and self-deprecating satire into his artistic persona. The pair will be a match made in internet heaven for this upcoming episode airing Wednesday, April 13 at 9PM ET.

“If you don’t watch this show I will be very, very upset. I mean I will throw a complete fit. I’m going to start hurling objects through the air and screaming at dogs and small children if you don’t watch this show,” said Marc Rebillet.

Check out the trailer for We’ve Got Company below, and just imagine how Dillon Francis could fit into the fun.

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