Dirtybird To Implement COVID Testing For May Event

Dirtybird has just announced details for Dirtybird CampINN 2021.

Dirtybird CampINN will host its debut event this upcoming May from Friday, May 14 to Sunday, May 17 in Orlando Florida. In order to enter the event, all attendees must present a negative COVID-19 administered on-site or a vaccination card. Face coverings will be required and temperature checks will be implemented. The event will take over the entire Orlando, Florida resort and will feature resort amenities, poolside DJ sets, and late-night parties. The lineup has not been announced yet, but we are expecting it to be full of top-tier talent.

In addition to face coverings and temperature checks, there will be an on-site safety staff in order to ensure the safety of the staff and all attendees. The safety staff will be comprised of trained staff members who will encourage and enforce all safety guidelines in a fun and positive manner. The safety staff will help all attendees stay protected and will implement safe health measures throughout the entire weekend. Through these precautions, Dirtybird CampINN hopes that everyone will feel more comfortable and prepared while attending the event.

For all other information regarding health and safety, click here.

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