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5 People At Raves You Don’t Want To Be (And The 5 You Do)

EDC rave people
Yes, all are welcome at raves but some people need to learn how to act right by a proper P.L.U.R example at EDM events.

For those of us who have been to our fair share of shows and festivals, we’ve met some pretty awesome people, a few not so great and everything in between. A lot of times it’s not hard to pick out who clearly didn’t get the PLUR memo.

That being said, I can think of five different types of people who are the absolute worst to encounter at a rave. Seriously though guys, DON’T be one of these people…

The groper
Ladies (maybe even some guys), we’ve all been there. At a show, dancing our worries away. Then you feel it, someone getting too close, intentionally rubbing up on you, thinking it’s ok to grab your ass. This shit is NOT ok. The same thing goes for grinding. My dancing alone is not an invitation for you to shove your groin at me and grab my hips.

The angry drinker
there’s always one person who gets themselves a cocktail and promptly pushes through a crowd at a show. Within minutes that drink is spilled and the person who brought it in is pissed and bitching at everyone around them for bumping them and making them spill it. HUNNNYYY, when you bring a drink into the pit you run the risk of that happening. Unless you’re some kind of ninja that can prevent it from spilling, drink it before you join the crowd.

The violent mosher
Ahhh the pit, when that circle opens up so does this amazing way to release your frustrations, go crazy and look out for fellow moshers while doing it. Unfortunately, there’s always that one person who gets violent or perceives an accidental elbow to the face as intentional and immediately tries to start a fight. Guys, it’s the pit. It’s almost like you gotta go into it expecting that you’re gonna get hurt but it’s rarely ever malicious. That’s why we look out for each other and pick each other up, not start fights.

The nodder
Everyone wants to have a good time at events and for some, that means alcohol or drugs. But there’s always that one person who goes a little too hard and can’t stand up straight or even open their eyes. They’re usually nodding out in a crowd or being dragged around by their squad that’s trying to force feed them water or food. Don’t overdo it y’all, you’ll ruin your experience because you’ll never remember it and your friends’ experiences too who have to take care of you.

The wrecking ball
Oftentimes we don’t actually see this person we just see what they’ve left behind: damaged property, littering, carelessness and total disregard for the environment as a whole. This shit is not cool, it’s not funny and it hurts the chances for the rest of us to be able to enjoy the venue for another event if their stuff gets wrecked. Please be respectful y’all.

On the same hand, there are a couple people you DO want to strive to be at an event…

The performer
Glovers, shufflers, Hoopers and beyond; sometimes the best part of an event can be watching these wonderful, passionate performers go. One of the coolest parts about them is how they’re always willing to put on a show for those around them, especially Glovers. Even though their not performers, I would put Kandi kids in this category too because they’re still showcasing their artistic abilities. 

The catchy dancer
You ever see anyone going so hard to a song that you just feel like you HAVE to join them? You know that person who brings those around them together to bounce around vibe together to an amazing set? That’s the dancer, they hype you up but also can mellow you down at the same as they radiate their positive vibes.

The Rave mom
Every squad needs a rave mom. This is the person that’s making sure everyone is ok, has had enough to eat, got a decent amount of sleep, is drinking enough water, is wearing sunscreen and she always has the first aid kit handy. The rave mom tries their best to ensure that everyone is having a good time and everyone gets along.

The Good Samaritan
Like the rave mom, the Good Samaritan is always looking out for those around them but even beyond their own squad. This is the raver who’s checking on that person who’s nodding out on the ground, who’s helping up that person who fell in the pit, who’s sharing their water. They genuinely care about everyone around them.

The Good vibe giver
This is the sweetheart who compliments everyone for everything. These are my favorite kind of people at shows. They’re the ones who comment on how much they love your glitter, outfit, accessories, etc. many of us work so hard on our look for raves that it’s amazing to get this kind of positive feedback from fellow ravers

When it comes to those people at shows you don’t wanna be, let’s show em by example how PLUR works! Meet their combativeness with peace, anger with love, discord with unity and disrespect with respect. Don’t sink down to a level of bad vibes guys, always rise above it! You’ll have a way better time and so will those around you.

So which kind of raver are you? Or if the kind of raver you are isn’t on here, tweet at me or DM me and tell me what you are! I love to hear from you guys and I know there are a bunch more raver personas.

Feature photo courtesy of EDC Facebook page

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I'm just a 20-something loud mouth, weirdo from Cleveland, Ohio. EDM is my whole life: dubstep/riddim, DnB, trap and house in that order. Home festivals are Lost Lands and Forest. You can find me on the rail at a show somewhere, wearing too much glitter and headbanging my worries away.

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