Raver And Emazing Lights Founder To Appear On ‘Shark Tank’

It’s very likely you’ve heard of Emazing Lights and iHeartRaves. They’re the SoCal-based gloving and rave apparel mecca and also the brainchild of raver now multi-million dollar business owner Brian Lim.

Lim was recently featured on CNBC not only because of his trails, but because of his booming business. Emazing Lights was recently ranked #189 of 500 of the world’s fastest-growing companies and has made more than $8 million dollars.

He’s now taking both of his highly performing businesses to the next level, and is scheduled to appear on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank this Friday night. Shark Tank allows business owners and entrepreneurs to pitch to some of the world’s most influential business people and gain financial backing to grow their businesses even more (investors). They’re already calling him the “best entrepreneur” they’ve had on the show.

Congratulations, Brian. It’s incredible to see a Southern California native have so much success and ambition.

We’re excited to see what happens when Brian faces the Sharks of Shark Tank and for the future of Emazing Lights and iHeartRaves.

Shark Tank airs Friday nights on ABC. Check your local listings.


— Shark Tank (@ABCSharkTank) March 10, 2015

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