Exclusive EDM Maniac Interview: Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina is hosting an exclusive Twitch concert stream tonight with live vocals and instruments. The live stream concert will start at 7 pm PT on their Twitch channel and will play songs from DEADTHEALBUM and a bunch of their other personal favorites.

Breathe Carolina has always done a tremendous job interacting with fans across their social media platforms and have continued to do so amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. After their Twitch performance tonight, they will continue to host live streams on their Twitch channel going forward. The duo has a lot of fun content planned for their Twitch series and they are excited to showcase it to their fans. Not only will they be hosting fun events, but they will also be doing demo drops and showcasing music that was sent in by their fans.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Breathe Carolina before their performance tonight on their Twitch channel and were able to ask some questions about their musical career and what they have in store for 2021.

EDM Maniac: How did you guys come up with the name Breathe Carolina? Where did it originate from?

Breathe Carolina: It was actually from a dream I had a long time ago about this woman named Carolina, I could see her like living my life through the dream and I kept remembering to tell her to relax and breathe, and idk it just stuck with me.

EDM Maniac: How would you describe the music you were making at the beginning of your career compared to now? Has there been any change in the style of production? If so, how?

Breathe Carolina: We’ve always been very electronic, I made the first album on garage band LOL. So with keeping our electronic elements we introduced a bunch of rock-influenced vibes as we grew up on punk rock. Over the years we started leaning heavily into the electronic space and that just kinda took over naturally. We are still punk at heart.

EDM Maniac: What initially sparked your interest in dance music specifically? Was there an event or a friend that introduced you to electronic dance music?

Breathe Carolina: Honestly, I didn’t know much about dance music until I started making it, from Justice to MSTRKRFT that’s where it started for me in the beginning.

EDM Maniac: Can you describe how your first event went? Did it go as you expected it to or were there any hiccups?

Breathe Carolina: First show for BC was INSANE. We had built a great following in Denver online for a few months and when we got to our first show everyone knew who we were, it was honestly the craziest feeling ever.

EDM Maniac: What has been your favorite “festival moment” that you have experienced? Is there a memory or a time that you can look back on that you will remember forever?

Breathe Carolina: We played a water festival in Tokyo and that was definitley up in my top 5. Craziest crowd and it was super hot they had these huge tanks of water spraying everyone.

EDM Maniac: What is the most enjoyable part of your job? What do you look forward to every day? What are some of your least favorite things about your job, if any?

Breathe Carolina:  Most enjoyable is making music and seeing new places all over the world. I think the downside is being tired, very hard to get on a schedule, and mentally it is very challenging having to GO GO GO all the time.

EDM Maniac: Do you still get nervous or have adrenaline when you are about to perform? What is about performing that you enjoy the most?

Breathe Carolina: I do occasionally actually. I think when I have an expectation for a show like if it’s supposed to be a huge crowd or its in my hometown I always get pretty nervous

EDM Maniac: What is one festival that you have not been able to play at that you would like to at some point in your career? Where has been your favorite place that you have been able to travel to and perform? Why? What is a location that you would like to travel to and perform that you have not been able to yet?

Breathe Carolina: Myanmar is one of my favorite places ever. It’s amazing. The people are some of the nicest in the whole world and the country is beautiful

EDM Maniac: What is something that you guys want to accomplish outside of music?

Breathe Carolina:  I really love financials and real estate, when I have time I want to dive into that as well.

EDM Maniac: What can fans expect from Breathe Carolina in 2021?

Breathe Carolina: In 2021 we will be doing tons of streaming on Twitch since shows are kinda on hold, that, and tons of music !!!

It will be exciting to see Breathe Carolina’s use of their Twitch channel going forward and how they will interact with their fans. Twitch is a great platform to have intimate connections with fans from afar and Breathe Carolina is looking to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Make sure to follow Breathe Carolina on Twitter and Instagram so that you can stay up to date on all future Twitch live-stream announcements.

Feature Photo: – Sarah Kocur

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