Exclusive Forbidden Kingdom Interview: SweetTooth

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Exclusive Interview at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival with DPMO Dubstep Artist SweetTooth

As most of the EDM world knows, Orlando’s premiere bass and dubstep festival, Forbidden Kingdom (powered by Insomniac Events) took place last weekend in Orlando, Florida. The lineup featured some of the biggest names within the bass music community including DPMO artist, SweetTooth. SweetTooth is known for his heavy style and giving fans a proper #rootcanaltreatment. He has appeared on Funtcase’s DPMO vol.2 and 3, which features numerous household names and rising stars in the dubstep community. 

Last weekend at Forbidden Kingdom, EDM Maniac had the chance to chat with the dubstep artist about his first festival back and what fans can expect from him in 2021.


EDM MANIAC: What’s up guys I’m Adrianna from EDM Maniac, I’m here with SweetTooth at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival in Orlando, FL, say what’s up, introduce yourself!

SweetTooth: Yo what’s up I’m SweetTooth and I lost my voice last night!

EDM MANIAC: Haha we can tell! You played at the Circus Records takeover pre-party last night, how was that?

SweetTooth: The pre-party was sick! Since I’m playing two sets this weekend I got to do some stuff last night that I normally don’t do, I got to play a lot of the tunes from 2012 and a little bit earlier that got me into dubstep.

EDM MANIAC: That’s sweet, it’s always cool when artists mix in some throwbacks. How do you feel about playing in front of crowds again? What was the energy like last night pre-festival? Everyone was probably super excited!

SweetTooth: Yeah it was sick! You can tell the crowd is like ‘I’ve been waiting over a year and a half for this’ ya know, the energy was there, everyone was dancing, nobody seemed jaded ya know what I mean?

EDM MANIAC: Yeah for sure, first festival back for a lot of people I’m sure the crowd was very excited! What can the Forbidden Kingdom crowd itself expect from your set this weekend besides a full-on root canal treatment?!

SweetTooth: They’re gonna hear a lotta stuff they’ve never heard before and probably won’t hear until they see me again!

EDM MANIAC: That’s awesome, keep the people waiting! What else does SweetTooth have in store for fans in 2021? Any new projects you’re working on?

SweetTooth: 2021… I just wrapped up an EP for DPMO.

EDM MANIAC: Does that have a title yet?

SweetTooth: Not a confirmed title yet but ya know I got some ideas up my sleeve, but then I got a run of shows from now up until pretty much December, got some big festivals. And then I got a couple of other collabs with some huge names that I’m hype about!

EDM MANIAC: What other festivals can we expect to see you at? Can you share?

SweetTooth: I don’t think I’m allowed to share yet until more flyers are out but definitely keep an eye out.

EDM MANIAC: Yes everyone be looking out for SweetTooth on 2021 lineups as well some new music dropping this year! Anything else you want to share with fans?

SweetTooth: Yeah! Now that shows are back I know you guys are excited but remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint! Be safe, eat food, drink water, get your sleep!


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