Exclusive Forbidden Kingdom Interview: VERSA

Exclusive Interview at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival with Dubstep Artist VERSA

This past weekend at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival, dubstep artist VERSA made his world debut. VERSA first became known within the industry for his hit track “Welcome Tune” which premiered on Circus Records before appearing as the first track on Funtcase’s DPMO vol.3. VERSA is a prominent figure in Funtcase’s DPMO label, as he is the only artist besides Funtcase to have two tracks on DPMO vol. 3. Shortly after releasing “Welcome Tune,” the track quickly became widely recognized by dubstep legends such as Funtcase and Virtual Riot. Since releasing the massive tune, VERSA has continued to crush the game as he released “The Pit” EP back in January along with a few other projects.

We were able to sit and chat with VERSA at FKMF this past weekend about his style, playing shows again, and everything else he’s been working on.


EDM MANIAC: Hey everyone I’m Adrianna from EDM Maniac, I’m here at Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival with VERSA, VERSA say what’s up introduce yourself!

VERSA: How’s everyone doing?! I’m VERSA!

EDM MANIAC: VERSA, the last time we saw you on a lineup was before COVID, how does it feel to be making your world debut at Forbidden Kingdom this year? Are you nervous/excited? What’s it like?

VERSA: I’m very excited, a little nervous of course because it is my debut. It’s pretty cool because the last festival I went to was Forbidden Kingdom so now I’m playing here, it really just feels like it came full circle.

EDM MANIAC: That’s dope! You went from being in the crowd, now to playing on stage!

VERSA: Yeah the first time I heard my music played live was at year one of Forbidden Kingdom, second year I attended again, and now I’m on stage, it’s pretty crazy I’m very excited

EDM MANIAC: If I’m correct, Funtcase played your song right?

VERSA: Yeah the last two FK’s he’s been playing my music.

EDM MANIAC: What was that like? Being in the crowd and hearing your own music played?

VERSA: The first time was so surreal, it was insane! I was with one of my friends and he took a video for me and I just enjoyed it, it was the craziest feeling after hearing months of work pay off and hearing someone support it live for the first time, it was crazy.

EDM MANIAC: That’s awesome, you must’ve been shocked like ‘wait this is mine!’

VERSA: Yeah it was cool and everyone around you is just going hard and they don’t know it’s your song.

EDM MANIAC: I’m sure seeing the crowd’s reaction was a surreal feeling. If you could describe your forbidden kingdom set in 3 words what would they be?

VERSA: Unreleased, ignorant, and hype!

EDM MANIAC: Hell yeah, I’m sure the crowd is gonna go crazy for that! You released “THE PIT EP” back in January, what’s the response from fans been since that? What other projects have you been working on since then?

VERSA: I have a lot of solo projects I’m working on pretty much always because I’m bad at finishing stuff, but other than that I’m working on a couple collabs. A really heavy collab with my boy NIMDA! And then as far as the EP, that was a pretty big project I’d been working on for a while, it took me a while to figure out what songs I wanted to put on it but it ended up being a really cool project. I felt like it really tied together well and the response was pretty good from what I saw. I mean I was really happy with it.

EDM MANIAC: That’s all super exciting stuff, and for the EP- I listened to it, I love it, it goes hard!

VERSA: Thank you it means a lot, I really like the title track “THE PIT” it’s still one of my favorite things I’ve ever made

EDM MANIAC: I agree, I’m sure we’ll hear that at your set and the crowd will go crazy!

VERSA: Haha hopefully, you’ll definitely hear it!

EDM MANIAC: So can we expect VERSA on any other lineups this year, and what’s your dream festival to play at?

VERSA: I haven’t committed to anything yet, my dream festival would be Lost Lands that’s for sure.

EDM MANIAC: I would love to see you on there and I’m sure a lot of others would too, thanks so much for chatting with me, everybody keep an eye out for new music from VERSA!


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