Exclusive Ultra Miami Interview with WHIPPED CREAM

Last Sunday, female DJ and producer Caroline Cecil, otherwise known as WHIPPED CREAM, took the stage at Ultra Miami. The fierce and iconic superstar is surely climbing her way to the top. You’ve seen her play your favorite festivals such as HARD Summer, Shambhala, Electric Zoo, and many more. 2020 brought us her debut EP “WHO IS WHIPPED CREAM,” later followed by other notable singles “Light of Mine,” and “Hold Up,” featuring Big Freedia, Moore Kismet, and UNIIQU3.

Just after putting on an incredible performance at Ultra Miami, EDM Maniac got the chance to speak with Caroline about her upcoming festival season, how she relaxes while on the road, and being a female in the music industry.

EDM Maniac: Hey everyone! I’m here with Caroline, also known as WHIPPED CREAM! Thanks so much for meeting with me today! How are you?

WHIPPED CREAM: I’m good, how are you?!

EDM Maniac:  I’m great! How has your time in Miami been so far?

WHIPPED CREAM: It’s been wonderful, literally the best weekend of my life. It’s been so sick I’m having a great time!

EDM Maniac:  I would have to agree with that haha. We’re here at Ultra Miami and you just played the Worldwide stage! How was that?!

WHIPPED CREAM: It was absolutely incredible. I only have one word and it’s incredible!

EDM Maniac: That’s amazing, it’s also very hot out there haha.

WHIPPED CREAM: Yup definitely hot, so two words “incredibly hot” haha.

WHIPPED CREAM at Ultra 2022 Photo: Silvy Studio

EDM Maniac: Haha there you go! So you have quite the lineup of festivals, you just played Ultra then you got Coachella and EDCLV. What’s your favorite and least favorite part of festival season?

WHIPPED CREAM: My least favorite part would be a couple of weeks before the fest. I enjoy every part of the journey- there are bad times and there are good times. But the couple weeks before- I care so much about what I do that I don’t want to miss a beat ya know. What if it’s someone’s first time seeing me? I really overthink a lot but also let it flow at the same time. It’s really about coming together and making it count those couple weeks before the set. Especially the past week- Coachella I’m freaking out about.

EDM Maniac: Really? You’re gonna kill it.

WHIPPED CREAM: Ya I’m freaking out and it’s three weeks away. The best part is pressing play, I wish I could just tell myself that when you press play it’s gonna be fine.

EDM Maniac: Ya like you said there are good parts, and there are bad parts, but you have to enjoy the ride.

WHIPPED CREAM: Ya you definitely do. Younger me for like three years was just like go go go, and looking back I was so unhappy. You really have to meditate and be grateful.

EDM Maniac: Ya definitely like stop and take it all in.

WHIPPED CREAM: Exactly what’s the point of living life, don’t waste your time!

EDM Maniac: Ya agreed. Do you have any non-negotiables while traveling on the road? Anyways to decompress?

WHIPPED CREAM: I really like to relax, I like to read books, and drink lots of water. I like to go on hikes. Right after Coachella is done I have a couple of weeks before EDC so I’m gonna just chill, enjoy, and explore. Maybe go to Disneyland or something.

EDM Maniac: Haha Disneyland would be so fun!

WHIPPED CREAM: Haha ya and spend a lot of time outside. I will probably make some music cause I’m in “set mode” right now, do some sessions.

EDM Maniac: Haha I love that- you said you read, what kind of books do you read?

WHIPPED CREAM: I like poetry books and lots of self-reflection books. Learning about how the human mind and body work. Because guess what? You can literally manifest anything!

EDM Maniac: Yes you absolutely can!

WHIPPED CREAM: Life is like a puzzle, as soon as you start to work on all these insecurities- and trust me we all have bad and good things, but that’s what makes us- us. If you can work on those things that prevent you from becoming who you’re supposed to be then I think you can become your higher self and get to that next level of life. When that happens you start to attract all these things- and that’s what’s happening for me right now!

EDM Maniac: I love that for you and I kinda feel the same right now! Good things are coming.

WHIPPED CREAM: Oh good, yes I can feel it!

EDM Maniac:  You played your single “Cry” for the first time live! Can you tell me about the track and what went into making it?

WHIPPED CREAM: Ya so I just made that song a couple of months ago, I made it in like 24 hours.

WHIPPED CREAM- CRY (cover art)

EDM Maniac: No way that’s crazy!

WHIPPED CREAM: Ya lots of the songs you make very quickly when you’re feeling something- well for me. I think of a word or the feeling I’m going through and I make a record based on that. It took like one day.

EDM Maniac: Ya it’s a beautiful track though so congratulations on it!

WHIPPED CREAM: Ya thank you!  

EDM Maniac: How has your experience been as a female in the music industry? What’s one piece of advice you have for a woman starting their career in music?

WHIPPED CREAM: Every year my thoughts change. But right now I think it’s dope. I’m not saying I’m much but there are certain things I’m pioneering right now as a woman and I think all women in the industry right now are also pioneering. There’s so little of us and it’s so hard to break as a woman. Like “oh you’re getting booked because you’re a hot chick or “oh you’re getting signed because you’re a hot chick” like “okay sign me!” But what happens when I’m way more than that? You watch what’s gonna happen a couple of years later. I think what I would tell women is that it’s dope- and swing with the punches! It doesn’t matter what people think or say about you. If they don’t believe you make your own music then great. To make a hit record there are 17 people in the studio regardless. You think these big DJs don’t have 20 people in their sessions with them? And to be a female actually making a lot of my own stuff myself I feel really proud!

EDM Maniac: Ya for real it’s a huge accomplishment 

WHIPPED CREAM: And to all the women reading this, this is my biggest thing, drop your ego! “I don’t want them to think this because I’m a girl…” Who gives a F***! If you want to make it, you’re gonna have to lose your ego girl. I’m talking to myself by the way I’m not calling anyone out haha.

EDM Maniac: Your past self? 

WHIPPED CREAM: Yes, there are not very many women in this industry and we’re gonna go through a lot more shit than the men. There are days that suck, nothing is fair. But guess what- when you win people realize.

EDM Maniac: Hell yeah it’s an amazing feeling!

WHIPPED CREAM: Ya cause you worked your ass off, and the real ones knew all along. And the ones that didn’t are coming and I’m like “you can still sit with me..” haha.

EDM Maniac: Haha yes and I think right now a lot of females are recognizing that and really coming together to push each other forward in this industry.

WHIPPED CREAM: Absolutely, and the men need to. I really think these big DJs need to start working with women because they’re not. There’s the Valentino Khan and Alison Wonderland collab that’s dope. But these A-level DJs aren’t helping us, we actually need those hands out to get up there.

EDM Maniac: Ya definitely.

WHIPPED CREAM: But I don’t care if I don’t get it from them… I’m still gonna get it!

EDM Maniac: For real you are getting it!

WHIPPED CREAM: Ya thank you!

WHIPPED CREAM at Ultra 2022 Photo: Silvy Studio

EDM Maniac: Haha, and lastly are you working on any new projects for 2022?

Whipped Cream: Ya we have a lot of new music coming out!

EDM Maniac: Anything big?

WHIPPED CREAM: Definitely yes!

EDM Maniac: Very exciting, we’ll keep an eye out! What are your next festivals lined up?

WHIPPED CREAM: Coachella, EDCLV, Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, and more!

EDM Maniac: Those are big ones, thanks so much for meeting with me, and good luck!

Whipped Cream: No problem thank you!


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