Fish From Japan Make A Big Splash With New Track

This week,  EDM Maniac continues it’s coverage of the Discovery Project. If you are unfamiliar with the Discovery Project, it is the brain child of Insomniac Events and gives a voice and platform to emerging artists in the dance music world. These up and coming artists submit their mixes for a chance to play at a festival put on by Insomniac Events.

The latest track from the Discovery Project comes from the group FISH FROM JAPAN. Their new song  is called, “Move On.” It’s a soul-filled track with catchy vocals that will get you moving and grooving. It’s a long 7-minute beast of a track that is perfect for any dance floor or dancing around your room. If you like deep house check it out!

This is a big moment for the group and for Insomniac Events as this is the first installment in the Discovery Project series from an artist outside of the Discovery Project alumni family.

Check out the track here:

Be sure to stay with EDM Maniac for continuing coverage of the Discovery Project from Insomniac Events.


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