Five Australian Producers You’ve Probably Been Sleeping On

Turns out when it comes to electronic music, Australia pumps out some corkingly good stuff. The following (in no particular order) is a list of producers who may have slipped by under your radar.


Hailing from Perth –  a city so far away from the rest of the nation’s other cities it may as well be its own country – John Dewhurst is a producer who goes by the moniker Sable. He has a refreshing take on future bass or “chillrave” as he dubs it. Highly influenced by Pokemon (so much so that his namesake mascot resembles one), Sable has been making sugar-sweet electronic pop that’s as boucy as bubblegum and just as hard to get rid of once its stuck to you.


Meanwhile on the other side of the continent, resides the genius of future funk that is MXXWLL. Starting with a bunch of live music sequencing videos known as Friday Funk, MXXWLL has gone on to producer remixes for artists like Snakehips and Duke Deutsch. His sound is influenced by artists like Kaytranada and Pomo and it’s funky AF.


Another Sydney local, Robustt has been kicking around for a minute or two. After winning local DJ competition Your Shot back in 2012. Alex Calhoun has been making some super fresh future bass sounds. Scope the second drop in ‘RBT’ here. I lost my shit the first time I heard this… You can usually catch him running the trap in Sydney nightclubs World Bar and Chinese Laundry.

Wave Racer

Look, in all likelihood, you actually have heard of Tom Purcell’s flashing neon kawaii chipfest, Wave Racer (Spotify tells me he has quite a few fans in LA). What you may not know is that he’s been very busy since his breakout, internet destroying sensation Rock U Tonite and that he recently cut a track with the awesome Lido, an artist who I sadly cannot claim as a down under native. If you’re looking for a bouncy jaunt down the sunnier aspect of future bass, Wave Racer will never let you down.

Cosmo’s Midnight

These brother apparently studied music with Wave Racer and together, formed the template for the uptempo, high energy version of the future bass/Australian sound. They ended up settling with a more chill relaxed sound and after touring the country with Alison Wonderland and deciding they wanted a go for something more ‘timeless’. With a beautiful, relaxed vibe taking as much from anime as UK garage, this duo are set to take on the world.

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