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5 Safety Tips To Remember For Festival Season

Featured Image provided by Wendy Wei

Festival season is in full swing and while it has been filled with spectacular moments, there has been an increase in concern about safety measures at live events.

Things like overcrowding, unfit medical staff, and unfortunately, inconsiderate, disrespectful, selfish, and downright nasty individuals are becoming more prevalent.

Some situations that take place are outside of our control, but we can work together to increase safety at live events by recognizing what we can control. Stay tuned for five safety tips to remember for festival season that you can implement today.

1. Review The Event Map

Take a mental note of where exits and medical tents are. Once onsite, do a lap around the venue to locate these places physically. If the event has a physical copy of the map, grab one and keep it with you so you can use it even if your phone runs out of battery.

Knowing where the key places are at every event can help you be prepared if a situation arises where you need help immediately.

Bonus: find a police officer and/or medical professional on-site and ask them any questions you may have when you first arrive. Utilize medical help if needed. Medical services are free at most (if not all) events. 

2. Better To Be Safe Than Sorry 

If you see something, say something. Stay aware of your surroundings at all times and see who is around you, whenever you are in a crowd.

If you get an off feeling or feel suspicious about something, trust your gut. It is better to report something that feels off and have it turn out to be nothing then fail to report something that turns into a larger issue.

It is important to note that you should not put yourself in harm’s way by trying to assuage the potential situation. Instead report to staff, security, or other people trained to address what’s happening. 

3. Invest In A Hydration Pack Or Water Bottle Holder

Hydration is a crucial part of maintaining your health and mental clarity at any event. Water stations are located at most major festivals and are available for your use at any time.

If the investment into a hydration pack is not possible, bring in a sturdy, refillable water bottle. Hydrating will allow for more dancing and feeling more alert and awake. Make sure to get in those electrolytes as well! 

4. Before, During, And After The Show

Maintaining physical and mental health is crucial in life and festivals are no exception.

Some examples of your plan can include having a regular workout schedule, creating a grocery list to pick up once you get home, and setting a budget for what money you’ll spend on eating during the festival/event.

Small actions will make a big difference at the event itself and allow you to stay more aware and feel better. Talk with other festival goers if you are not sure where to start!

5. Do Harm Reduction Training/Research.

End Overdose is a service that has been implemented at all major Insomniac festivals. They give out free Narcan to anyone who attends one of their 5-minute training sessions at events.

Beyond in-person training, keep yourself informed about what harm reduction services are out there. Increasing your knowledge will help your confidence inside and outside the dance floor. 

Featured image by Wendy Wei. Other images provided by Rukes and Insomniac

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