Flux Pavilion Is Moving On From Dubstep

Joshua Steele, better known as Flux Pavilion, teased in a series of tweets over the weekend that he does not consider himself a dubstep person any longer. The English EDM producer is known for being a member of Circus Records and for his iconic tracks such as I Can’t Stop and Emotional, to name just a few.

Flux has performed at some of the most iconic festivals and venues including EDC Las Vegas and Coachella and now, the producer is looking to end one adventure and begin another one with the release of his upcoming 16 track album titled, ‘.wav.’ The album is scheduled to be released on January 21 after months of hard work.

Flux’s upcoming album will not be a dubstep based album. Instead, the album will focus on Flux’s synths and melodic sounds that will help him transition to the next adventure of his musical career.

Presave Flux Pavillion’s 16 track album here.

Feature Photo – Rukes.com

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