Fyre Festival Ticket Holders Apparently Want To Return For 2018

After the hearing about the disaster at Fyre Festival last week, you would think most people wouldn’t even think twice to attend the festival in the future. The fact that co-founder Billy McFarland stated that the festival will return in 2018 is one thing, but shockingly there are many individuals who would return next year.

A member of the festival’s management team told Rolling Stone, “81% of guests who have filled out the refund application have said they would like to attend Fyre Festival 2018. We are so thankful for their support and excitement as we strive to make this right.” McFarland promises this time around that there will be infrastructure to support them to make sure the event runs smoothly. Some people are also accepting VIP passes in lieu of refunds for the 2018 event.

Despite getting lawsuits left and right, Fyre Festival is holding people accountable for making negative comments about the festival on social media and threatening legal action.

McFarland admits as a first-time festival organizers they were “naive” and overwhelmed with the circumstances of the festival but will return in 2018.

Source: Consequence of Sound

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