Revolutionary Study Will Give DMT To Stroke Victims

DMT (dimethyltryptamine) might soon be grouped into the same medical category as magic mushrooms, or at least partially.

In the first clinical trial of its kind, scientists will give patients microdoses of DMT to help stroke victims recover by rewiring their brains faster. Scientists hypothesize that patients can be treated with a microdose of the substance as soon as they are admitted into an ambulance which would ultimately limit damage and maximize the chances of a full recovery. The study will be conducted by Algernon Pharmaceuticals and if proved to be successful, the study will open up a whole new field of testing for people that have diseases affecting the brain.

Algernon Pharmaceuticals is the world’s first company to try DMT for strokes and has conducted a similar study last year on rats that focused on blood flow to the brain. It was discovered that rats who received DMT recovered motor-function capabilities and rebuilt brain cells faster than the rats who were not given DMT. Only healthy adults will take part in the first phase of the trial while the next phase will involve both short and long-term treatment of stroke victims as well as rehabilitation.

If the study proves to be beneficial, Algernon Pharmaceuticals will partner with the FDA for a ‘breakthrough designation,’ which basically means the U.S. will help move Algernon Pharmaceuticals’ medical evidence along faster than normal.

For more information about the study, visit MetroUK’s website as well as Algernon Pharmaceuticals

Source –MetroUK
Feature Photo – BBC

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