Big Changes Coming To HARD Festival

HARD is making some big changes.

Following two suspected drug overdoses at this year’s HARD Summer event in Pomona, Live Nation has agreed to make some changes to upcoming events following pressure from LA Supervisor Hilda Solis who’s calling for additional health and safety measures at “rave events” held on LA county property.

Announced today, HARD has canceled it’s ‘Night at the Fairplex’ event which was to be held during the LA county fair next month.

HARD has also agreed to scale back their crowd from the planned 60,000 to 45,000 per day, will increase the minimum age from 18 to 21, and will reduce the hours of the upcoming Halloween festival.

Drug education information will also be disturbed to the crowd.

HARD is expected to announce more information about Day of the Dead soon.

Source: LA Weekly

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