Hardstyle Pioneer Noisecontrollers Release New Album ‘All Around’ + Exclusive Interview!


Since the recent split of Noisecontrollers last year, Bas Oskam has been hard at work on producing the now one man group’s newest album titled “All Around.” After much discussion the duo had decided it was best to part ways, Arjan choosing to develop his own different sound, while leaving Bas to not only continue what they had started back in 2005 with Noisecontrollers, but giving him the freedom to explore his passion for hardstyle  letting him form the new sounds you’ll hear in the new album.

The newest single “What?!” features Noisecontroller’s hard synths and driving melody we’re familiar with while other tracks venture off into uncharted territory with gritty, folk acoustic guitars and raw distorted vocals. Bas not only stays true to the sound Noisecontrollers fans originally fell in love with, but has delivered his own unique twist on many tracks evolving his hardstyle music to yet another level. The album is loaded with 19 new tracks and features collaborations with the infamous Wildstylez, vocalist Taylr Renee, and Waverider.

“I wanted to create an album with a wide musical spectrum within the Hardstyle genre where my aim was to create a renewed and improved sound without losing that typical Noisecontrollers sound. The album has a bit deeper, serious and more melodic feel than the previous Noisecontrollers album. It also doesn’t really follows the current hypes in the Hardstyle genre.”


If you were a lucky weekend warrior you may have been among those who caught Noisecontroller’s set at the inaugural The Sound of Q-Dance Los Angeles back in October. For the rest of us,  we will wait until Friday May 23rd when him and Wildstylez take over the famous AVALON Hollywood.

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Noisecontrollers Interview

EDM MANIAC: What have you been up to Bas? How’s 2014 treating you so far?
I’m doing great, thanks. 2014 started of with a blast by announcing my upcoming album “All Around” and a lot of great gigs. Right now I am in Miami for a little North American Tour, which is so much fun.

EDM MANIAC:  As a single artist , what is your goal for Noisecontrollers in the future?
For me the most important thing is to create new music. That will always be my priority.
Also I really enjoy bringing hardstyle to new places and enjoy every gig I do. I’m living the dream and nothing makes me more happy.

EDM MANIAC: Where did it all begin for you, basically when was the day you literally sat down and starting producing hardstyle?
I always produced music on my pc when I was younger. But the day I decided to really go for a music career was in 2005. I made the decision to go for it and the same day I bought new gear for the studio. Soon the first releases came and the gigs came later.

EDM MANIAC: Where does your inspiration come from?
That can be everything. My mood, a track on the radio, a movie, anything. It’s hard to explain where ideas come from. It feels like it just happens most of the time.

EDM MANIAC: If you would have to pick one hard dance event you have ever performed at, which one is your all time favorite and why?
This question is impossible to answer. There are just too many special and amazing gigs I’ve played. With picking one you do many others short.

EDM MANIAC:  You have a mini tour in North America in February. What can fans expect from your performances?
I play a lot of tracks from my upcoming album “All Around” of course. I also play tracks of other producers which I like. I try to bring the best hardstyle at the moment to the fans. High-end hardstyle is what’s most important to me.

EDM MANIAC: What inspired for you to produce your new album All Around? How are these tracks different compared to the previous Noisecontroller’s tracks?
I finished 2 tracks beginning 2013. I didn’t want to release these yet and instead produced more tracks to complete an album. I didn’t had a deadline, but just went with the flow. Fast forward to September I knew the album would be finished soon. The sound is very melodic with a much deeper overall sound. That overall sound is what I’m most proud of.

EDM MANIAC: In the near feature, who are some artist(s) you would like to collaborate?
I planned a huge collaboration which is with someone outside of the hardstyle scene. Further I just go for it and see what happens next. Basically everyone whose got music and production skills I like and love to collaborate with.

EDM MANIAC: Aside from performing at events and being in the studio, what do you love to do when you have free time on your hands?
I love playing games, exercising and chess. Maybe not too wild but it makes me feel good 🙂

EDM MANIAC: You recently played at Hard Bass 2014 and you were part of Team Blue. How was your experience?
Hardbass is always a great gig to play. I’ve played on this stage so many times and b2s always delivers! I played alongside Coone and Code black with whom I never played before and it was really fun!

EDM MANIAC: One final question, do you have a track that is your all time favorite and why?
On my upcoming album it is “Down Down”. Everything worked out as I wanted the track to be. For me personally the best Noisecontrollers track so far. In general my all time favorite hardstyle track is still Donkey Rollers – Followers.



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Listen to What?!

Listen to all “All Around” preview mixes here:

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by Grant Manley, Staff Writer

Interview by Rogelio Cervantes

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