Hot Boys Nasty! HiJinx Exclusive Interview with Wreckno

This New Year’s Eve, EDM star and bass artist, Wreckno, brought the party to HiJinx Festival. Wreckno, otherwise known as Brandon Wisniski, has been recognized for his queer personality and pure originality. He makes wonky wubs, raps, and busts out his dance moves making a perfect combination for a performance you will not forget.

Since his feature on the hit track “Medusa,” Wisniski has dropped a handful of successful singles and his most recent EP, “PANSY“. These past few years have proved Wisniski to be not only multi-talented but an inspiration to many trying to find themselves. We were lucky to catch up with the star himself before his set at HiJinx Festival to talk about what’s in store for 2022!

EDM Maniac: Hey guys I’m here with Brandon, otherwise known as Wreckno! Thanks for meeting with me! How were your travels to Philly for HiJinx? 

Wreckno: The last travel day of 2021 went beautifully and I’m just so stoked for tonight’s set! 

EDM Maniac: It’s officially New Year’s Eve, what has been your biggest accomplishment this year?

Wreckno: I’d say my biggest accomplishment this year has been getting to play more shows than I ever have before. It’s been a whirlwind and there were times where I felt like I couldn’t get on another plane, but I pushed through and made 2021 amazing!

EDM Maniac: Do you have any new year’s resolutions for 2022?

Wreckno: My main resolution for 2022 is to work harder than I ever have before, and to drink a gallon of water every day. 

EDM Maniac: I saw you will be playing Electric Forest next year which is super close to where you grew up. How does it feel to be able to play a festival that inspired you so much?

Wreckno: Ahhhh it’s truly incredible. Northern Michigan is my home and Electric Forest laid a foundation for me as a young creative attending their first festival. Knowing I’m going to have the opportunity to play on the same grounds I grew up going to every summer….indescribable!

EDM Maniac: You’ve become a major icon in the queer world for your style and ability to express yourself, I know this can be extremely hard what have been some of your motivators?

Wreckno: I’m always so motivated by the artists I love to watch. From (Lady) Gaga and Charli (XCX) to smaller artists like underscores and Shygirl. I just always try to remind myself that if you want to make an impact and inspire others, you HAVE to put yourself out there.

EDM Maniac: Your project is largely based on a spunky taste and originality, what do you hope to inspire to your fans?

Wreckno: I hope that my fans are able to see some of themselves in my project. I grew up in the woods and was always the weird kid who was overly obsessed with pop music and EDM. It took years for me to truly believe that I could have a place on stages around the world, but through my love of other artists, I found that strength. I hope my project can be that for even just one person.

EDM Maniac: I’ve seen you play at a drive-in show in 2020 and was blown away by the energy you brought to the stage! Do you find yourself feeding off the crowd’s energy? How have you become so confident on stage?

Wreckno: I absolutely feed off the crowd. There are some nights where it is literally CRICKETS, and my energy becomes so reserved. I’ve been performing on stage since I was 15 though, whether it be dancing or performing music. I’ve had a long time to get comfortable with being on stage, that definitely helps. 

EDM Maniac: After Hijinx, you will be headlining a winter tour! What are you most excited about? Are there any cities you are most excited to visit?

Wreckno: Yes! Can’t wait for every show! But I am very excited for the first weekend of shows since it’s all in the midwest. Indianapolis, to Chicago, to Grand Rapids. Gonna be a family gathering for sure :)


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EDM Maniac: I imagine being on tour can be exhausting mentally and physically, how do you decompress and take time for yourself while on the road? 

Wreckno: I decompress by smoking hella weed, trying to exercise when I can, and watching wrestling. Yes, I love WWE. Women’s wrestling specifically lol. 

EDM Maniac: What advice do you have to anyone out there who’s having trouble finding and expressing themselves? 

Wreckno: The journey to finding ourselves is a neverending one. If you feel out of place, try and find passion in something that makes that feeling smaller. For me it was dance, flow arts, and music festivals. My early years of traveling as a festi kid led to a much deeper understanding of who I am in this world, as well as so many cherished friendships. Find your people ❤️

We are so excited to see the progression of Wreckno’s career in 2022. Be sure to stream his latest hits and catch him on an upcoming tour stop.

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