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What We Hope to See at Lost Lands 2018

Excision Lost Lands

As a Lost Lands OG, I have been counting down the minutes until the 2018 event since the second I left Legend Valley last year. My fellow headbangers seem to have the same idea; everyone has been sharing their hopes for next year’s event and there have been a ton of great ideas circulating.

So, I thought I would compile and share my hopes for Lost Lands 2018 too. So *drumroll* here it is guys!

The Prehistoric Paradox Stage (Photo courtesy of Oh Dag Yo Photography © 2017)

Note: There are a SHIT TON more artists I hope to see make their Lost Lands Debut and artists I hope come back (like, all of last year’s lineup lol) but that list is like 10 miles long. So I thought I would boil it down to ten each of my faves and not state the obvious (like Excision, Dion Timmer or Datsik returning. Like duh, it wouldn’t even be Lost Lands without them!)

10 artists I hope to see make their Lost Lands debut

  1. Rusko- Now that the man is cancer free, bring his ass to Ohio! We need to bring some of that old school shit to Thornville. I’ll seriously cry if I see his name on the lineup.
  2. Caspa- The man has resurfaced recently with Ganja White Night and I hope he does again for Lost Lands 2018. Caspa and Rusko were what got me into dubstep, bringing them to THE dubstep festival is just simple logic ammirite?
  3. Flux Pavilion- I think we need to get all the dubstep vets up in here so let’s throw Flux in the mix too. Caught him last year on his Around the World in 80 Raves Tour and after years of waiting to see him live, it was everything I dreamed it would be.
  4. Bear Grillz- Papa Bear needs to be on this lineup. From what I understand, last year he had a prior engagement for that weekend. Hoping he’s got us penciled in this year.
  5. Zomboy- I feel like I heard so much of Zomboy in sets last year without actually seeing the dude. That should definitely change this year, we want the real thing!
  6. RL Grime- I saw Grime last year at Electric Forest and his set was fucking mind-blowing. Can you imagine what it would be like at a dubstep festival? *drools*
  7. Blunts & Blondes- One of my favorite artists in the game right now. Not only is he a dope performer but I have a feeling he would also come rage with us and throw down at a sound camp. 
  8. HE$H- Just recently started following this dude and I like what I hear. I think his sound and style are a good fit for the festival. This year is could be the one he really breaks through, what better place to do that than Lost Lands?
  9. Doctor P- I was honestly super surprised to not see this guy on last year’s lineup. Probably the same situation Bear Grillz had? Either way, hope that changes this year.
  10. Riot Ten- After recently dropping Hype or Die: The Dead EP I’ve 100% been on the Riot Ten train. I could def see him throwin down at the Cave of Souls this September.
The Cave of Souls Stage (Photo courtesy of Rukes.com

10 artists I hope come back for Lost Lands 2018

  1. Destroid- We all got massively blue balled last year when their set was cut short because of the volcano incident. We need them back and in full force this year.
  2. Terravita- I was super salty last year when I saw Terravita was there for an impromptu pre-party on Thursday night but couldn’t stay for the rest of the weekend.**
    ** I was recently informed that they WERE indeed there all weekend since they help produce the festival with Excision! 
  3. Trampa- So my squad and I punked out early on Friday night and I missed seeing him play. Epically regret that decision; I need caffeine on deck for this years event.
  4. Trollphace- The one downside of such a loaded lineup is having to make really tough decisions when two of your fave artists are scheduled at the same time. Trollphace lost the coin toss last year and I def wanna catch him this year, hopefully he’s back.
  5. Figure- Him and Midnight T threw down last year on a B2B but I would really like to see them each with a set of their own this year. 
  6. Dubloadz- I felt all sorts of insane sensory overloads last year during Dubloadz set in the Cave of Souls. I need more of that shit in my life.
  7. Sullivan King- Probably one of the most underrated sets of the weekend. Sullivan King is an amazing entertainer I hope he returns to the Cave of Souls next year.
  8. Ganja White NightI paid zero attention to who the “Secret Special Guest” was last year so I missed it without thinking twice. I found out after the festival was over it was GWN. *facepalm*
  9. Herobust- I saw him in Columbus back in December and he teased to the fact he may be returning to the area in September again.. Fingers crossed.
  10. Kompany- I didn’t really get into Kompany until after the festival so I overlooked seeing him while I was there. I hope I get the chance to this year.
Photo courtesy of Rukes.com

5 things I’m stoked to see/ would love to see

  1. Another Excision Detox set
    X’s detox set was probably one of my favorite sets of all time, no joke. It was this amazing mix of his old school shit and some of the more chill songs from other artists. He explained his logic about it in a Facebook group:
    Over the years of scouring the earth for the best bass music I could find, every once in a while I would come across a gem that was extremely dope, but too slow/chill to fit the high energy/heavy vibe of an Excision set. In 2012 I created a folder on my desktop where I would collect these tracks and play them whenever I was in chill mode…
    Guys like Champagne Drip and G Jones, are good examples as they are completely different yet a lot of their tracks fit the same heavy yet slower paced bass vibe that to me is perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the sun.”
  2. Movie time?
    I saw this idea proposed in a Lost Lands Facebook group: Set aside an area of the venue to show prehistoric movies like Jurassic Park, Dinosaur, the Flintstones and the Land Before Time Series. I actually think this would be a really cool idea, especially for the headbangers who need to take a break for a hot second. I’ve heard nothing about whether or not the Lost Lands team is actually considering it, but I hope they do!
  3. Soundcamps in the GA area
    After making a bunch of new friends with my Lost Lands fam from all over the world, I absolutely cannot wait to meet up with them all for the party after the party on the GA campgrounds. A couple of them are DJs themselves so I’m stoked to see them play. Also, I have a feeling we’ll be joined by a few of the Lost Lands lineup DJs some nights too. God, why is September so far away?
  4. Thursday Pre-Party
    So I added on the Thursday Early Entry pass this year after kicking myself in the head last year for missing it. Not only do pass holders get dibs on the best camping spots BUT they’re gonna be opening a stage in the venue for a whole five hours Thursday night with “surprise appearances and insane B2B sets.” So I get four days of bass and a good campsite?! *excited screeching*
  5. Dinos and more dinos!
    I loved the way they did the stage production, visuals and real life sized dinosaurs last year all around the venue. I’m hoping that all of that returns, plus a ton more. It made for a great atmosphere, dope photo opps and earth-shattering performances. Also, everyone’s outfits and costumes were on point! Lost Lands Fam, let’s bring that shit back again next year!

I know either way, Lost Lands is gonna be dope AF. Excision and his team did an unbelievable job last year and I can only imagine what they’re plotting this year. I mean it’s like Disneyland for headbangers how could it not be amazing?

We’re officially under the 200-day mark for this festival guys, who else is as stoked as I am?! I would love to hear what everyone else hopes to see and is excited for! Message me and lemme know 🙂

Feature photo courtesy of Rukes.com

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I'm just a 20-something loud mouth, weirdo from Cleveland, Ohio. EDM is my whole life: dubstep/riddim, DnB, trap and house in that order. Home festivals are Lost Lands and Forest. You can find me on the rail at a show somewhere, wearing too much glitter and headbanging my worries away.

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