Ibiza Tourism Will Begin In June

Spain is working with primary tourism markets for a safe return of international tourism

We have been reporting on Ibiza tourism for some time now, and we can confirm that the return is finally here. The confirmation that Ibiza tourism will begin in June comes from Spain’s tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, who announced to the country via national television that safe mobility will be guaranteed as of June.

Furthermore, Spain is working closely with other primary tourism markets for the return of international tourism in hopes of returning the country to its pre-pandemic state upon its return. There will also be “a series of promotional campaigns” that will be launched which will showcase how Spain can be trusted as a safe travel destination.

Maroto goes on to state that there has been a steady and increasing trend for airline bookings and hotel reservations on the island.

Book your flights and pack your bags because Ibiza tourism is back!

Feature Photo – Marco Sglabazinni
Source – Majorca Daily Bulletin

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