Indigenous DJs to Listen to Today

Dance music fans across the United States, Latin America, and Canada are aware of many famous producers and DJs from Diplo to Skrillex to Marshmello, but how many also know about Indigenous artists that are currently producing or have released genre-defining tracks as well?

Dance music encompasses a plethora of artists from various backgrounds, some being inspired by artists of old, and others deriving sounds from their own culture.

Now more than ever, as our world becomes more and more interconnected, it is important to recognize the many contributions and evolving sounds of dance music from BIPOC individuals. As we roll out a new series highlighting BIPOC DJs and producers, sit back and relax (or dance) to the innovative tracks of artists within the community.

EDM Maniac presents:

Notable Indigenous artists who have made major strides in dance music.

The Halluci Nation

DJ Shub


DJ Javier Estrada


Featured Image by Casey Vock via The Halluci Nation Facebook.

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