Infected Mushroom Announces 25-Year Anniversary Album With Psychedelic Single

Infected Mushroom makes their triumphant return to Monstercat with their new single “A Cookie From Space.” This epic ten-minute cut is the first track on their just-announced 25-year anniversary album, IM25. The track is also a collaboration with fellow Israeli artist, Bliss.

The piece is a journey through the duo’s experimental sound design and prismatic arrangements that have made them respected music pioneers. The track also embodies a trip through the galaxy. The perfect balance of triumphant highs, electric guitar licks, and operatic vocals is uniquely psychedelic. The full celebratory album drops September 2022.

Infected Mushroom shared, “‘The title comes from the lyrics which say, ‘A cookie from space is melting your face.’ Bliss wrote it, and when someone has a mullet from space, you don’t ask for the meaning, you just sit in awe of the inspiration that flows from its wondrous nature.”

Listen to “A Cookie From Space” in full below: 

Featured image from Infected Mushroom 

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